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Music and More #5 - Professor Pau, Part 1 of 2

November 22, 2014

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Hi M&M's! This week we have a super special guest, our first non-student guest here at Music and More. Professor of Music Theory Dr. Andrew Pau is a dedicated educator who has influenced us greatly. Both of us have taken classes of his in the past, and we just knew that we HAD to have him on the podcast. We had a really great time talking to the good doctor in his office.

  • 0:30 - How did you come to study music theory?
  • 1:29 - How can performers utilize theory to enhance performance?
  • 2:44 - How would YOU define music theory?
  • 3:33 - How important is it to engage in the arts?
  • 4:36 - What about music moves you?
  • 6:04 - Personal pedagogy.
  • 8:15 - Narrative approach to music.
  • 9:16 - What was your "moment"?
  • 10:30 - Experience in Law (i.e. Dr./Professor/Lawyer Pau, JD, DMA).

This is a two-part episode - look forward to part two sometime soon. Enjoy!

Much love <3,

Team H&D

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