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Marvin Krislov defends democracy!

April 16, 2008

Max Strasser ’09

I really suggest that you read the op-ed because Krislov knows far more about this than I do. (You can find it here.) But the basic idea is this: Some people want to make it hard for college students to vote in the towns where they go to school. Krislov thinks college students should be treated like regular citizens and allowed to vote where they live. To deny them this right is undemocratic. I agree with our president wholeheartedly.

This year the college started sending all students utility bills so that we could use them as proof of residence when we go to the polls. It is laudable that the administration chose to push for this. I'm glad that the Ohio state government allowed for it to happen.

It's exciting to be in such an important swing-state during an election year. I and other students I know have been voting by absentee ballot since we got to Oberlin, but this November I look forward to voting like a normal person, at the local middle school with my neighbors. I'm glad Marvin's got our back on this one.

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