Oberlin Blogs

Josie Brane-Wright ’23

My name is Josie and I’m a third-year biology major, currently doing research on invasive species in the college-owned Oberlin Arboretum right here on campus. I went to Montgomery Blair High School (yes the one that is referenced in the cult classic horror movie The Blair Witch Project) and grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland, a suburb just outside of Washington DC.

You can find me in Azariah’s cafe on the first—and best—floor of Mudd Library, lounging in a hammock in Tappan Square, or hanging out in Pyle where I work with other students to cooperatively cook our meals. In my free time, I also enjoy drawing, doing field work for some of my research, watching the incredible Ohio sunset (no seriously, it is unmatched), and playing records for my radio show at the WOBC station.

I am super excited to be back on campus after this crazy year! If you have any questions about student research, the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA), or student employment, please feel free to reach out!