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Introducing our Summer 2015 Admissions Interns!

June 23, 2015

Tanya Aydelott

I like to think of the summer college visit as a starting point for your college journey: it's a chance to feel out the vibe of the college, see it at its aesthetic best (the foliage! the sunlight! the dappled walkways!), and start figuring out what questions to ask current students and admissions staff. For many of you, a summer visit to Oberlin may be your first contact with the Admissions Office.

That's where the summer interns come in.

If you take an admissions tour, you'll be shown around campus by one of the interns. For seniors who interview on campus this summer, chances are one of our summer interns will conduct the interview. If you email our office, they're among the first to respond. If you call the office, they may be the ones to answer your call.*

Our summer interns are awesome. They're incredibly knowledgeable about Oberlin, and not just because they go to Oberlin: these are students who are so passionate about the Oberlin experience that they've stayed over the summer to share that passion with our summer visitors. And even though you won't be sitting in on a class or taking in a student-directed play, our interns can tell you about their experiences as Obies and share with you their reasons for coming to Oberlin.

To help get you started, here's a really brief intro for each intern. They will also be guest-blogging throughout the summer, so get ready for plenty more from each one!

Amanda Siskind '17: Hometown: Glastonbury, CT; Academics: Creative Writing, Peace and Conflict Studies, Politics

Caitrin Hughes '16: Hometown: San Jose, CA; Academics: Dance and Religion

Dustin Drench '16: Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan; Academics: Mathematical Concentration in Economics

Eoin Mullaney '17: Hometown: Oberlin, OH; Academics: Neuroscience and English

Matthew Blankinship '18: Hometown: Albany, CA; Academics: Computer Science and Jazz Trombone

Sam Bernhard '16: Hometown Blacksburg, VA; Academics: English, Law and Society, Politics


If you have specific questions for any of the interns, go ahead and ask them in the comments below — or write directly to them at college.admissions [at] oberlin.edu !

*Yeah, our interns are kind of like The Ghostbusters.

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