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October 26, 2010

Dan Redwood ’13

Right now, I'm sitting on a couch in my friend Chloe's apartment in midtown Manhattan, in an area ostensibly called 'Turtle Bay.' I think the name is really cute, so I hope it's real, but she hadn't heard of it before moving here; I don't know enough things about New York to tell you otherwise.

Hey everyone, I'm Dan Redwood. To give you the information my friend Sophia would require before dating me: My middle name is William, my favorite color is a forest kind of green, I have an older sister aged 21 and named Melissa, my birthday is March 24th, and my favorite book these days is a novel called Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer, though Agatha Christie will always be my favorite author.

I've been struggling with writing this blog post, because there's really too much I want to say. There's ample time in the future for me to be witty and insightful (knock on wood?), however. Right now, I'm on fall break, and things are still in a post-midterms kind of daze for me. Last Saturday, I woke up an hour before catching the shuttle to the airport, still needing to take a shower and pack a suitcase--I have one mess of a dorm room waiting for me back at school--and after spending a couple days in Albany, I caught a train down here to New York on Monday.

I'm really looking forward to doing my homework for fall break, because it consists of READING ANYTHING I WANT. For a student who just finished a week of exams, this is an enormous luxury. Hopefully more reading will lead to more coherent blogging. I just want to let you know, world, that you're a pretty cool guy (/girl/gender-non-specific individual), and that I'm happy to be here. Let's talk sometime soon.

To leave you with an email from my mother adapted into a poem:

Oui, bien sur,
C'est une affaire
faite. Although Amazon is
taking their sweet time, I think
you'll get it there before
the 21 days are due.


This email,

including any attachments,

is for the sole use of the intended recipient


and may contain

confidential and privileged

information. Any unauthorized

review, use, disclosure, or distribution

is prohibited. If you received this email

and are not the intended recipient, please

inform the sender by email reply and destroy

all copies of

the original message.

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