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August 3, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

Having an article on the front page of the nation's largest Spanish newspaper felt good, but the thrill faded fast. I become hungry for more, frustrated when my articles were severely cut down, or buried on page 16, or not published for days. Yesterday, I freaked out that I had only two weeks left at this internship. Two weeks in which to prove to my editors that I deserve a paying job in the post-graduation future. I started worrying I haven't done enough with my time here, haven't written enough, haven't learned enough, haven't kissed my superiors' behinds enough. This is a recurring problem in my life. My ambition has pushed me do to a lot, but it's often prevented me from enjoying life or from being proud of myself for what I have done. I literally have to give myself pep talks to avoid feeling like a failure. That's why Oberlin is a good environment for me. Sure, there are a few bloodthirsty, ambitious climbers, and a few deadbeats content to coast on their parents' funds, but the majority have found a middle path. They dream big, but recognize small steps. They strive, but don't step on others to get what they want. Most importantly, they collaborate and help one another reach their goals.

This goes as well for the journalism scene. In the real world, I've found, you have to battle for your editor's attention, aggressively finding and pitching stories. At the Oberlin Review, where I'll be a News Editor this coming year, we always try to make time to sit down and coach new writers, and we value those who can work well with others on a story. It's a nice training ground for those unsure of whether or not they want to hop on the journalism bandwagon (God knows where it's headed these days). Plus, out in the real world, news rooms rarely have dress-up nights or chocolate fondue. Prospies, please let me know if you want to visit the Review's offices and meet the editors. Current or soon-to-be current students, we'd be honored to have you at our fall open house.

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