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Four Plus One: Another Year in Oberlin

July 29, 2010

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

For some people, four years of college is not enough. Unfortunately, I'm not talented enough to be in the conservatory, and I'm organized and committed enough that I had my 112 hours and my major completed at the end of eight semesters on campus.

Curse you, being organized! Four years wasn't enough for me, too! Why should I leave now that I'm finally in a good groove?

So instead of picking up an instrument or taking time off, I graduated (yay!) and applied for a job (eek!) and got it (yay!)... and as of now, I'm Brandi's partner in crime in the Office of Communications.

This job, as Brandi so aptly put it, is definitely not being a student anymore, but it's a pleasant extension of Oberlin life as I knew it. I get to see my brother through his freshman year at Oberlin, I get to remain in a town that I loved as a student and now love as a resident, I get to repeat (and double) my awesome semester of living with Harris, and I can still thrive in an intellectually stimulating community of crazy creative individuals. Oh, and I also get a paycheck. That's supernice, too.

So, what do I do at the Office of Communications? Well...

I make Oberlin look awesome online.

During my first week of work, I made an amazing and complicated flow chart called "We Have Something Awesome! What Kind of Awesome Is It?" Essentially, the chart identifies the different sorts of online media that Oberlin has (writing, videos, photos, articles, events, etc.) and then, depending on the content and audience, lists the various outlets the media should spread to.

I maintain Oberlin's presence on several third-party social media sites. Y'know, all those programs you procrastinate on when you're supposed to be doing research or reading? I get to spend some of my workday on them (you know you want my job :D). Want to see my handiwork? Here's where I'm making sure we look awesome:

Facebook - Oberlin College, Oberlin Hopefuls, Oberlin 2014, The Oberlin Stories Project

Twitter:  @ILoveOberlin and @OberlinBlogs

Tumblr: Oberlin College

Youtube: Oberlin College channel

Flickr: Oberlin College's photostream

Check them out! Add/follow/friend them! I'll keep all of them supplied with cool things throughout the year!

I attempt to catalog Oberlin's presence online.

I Google, I Flickr-search, Youtube-search, tag, metadata, watch, review, favorite. I love lists. I love minutia.

I work with the webteam.

They make websites and other beautiful things. I get to see them in progress. This ROCKS. Also, the webteam laughs a ton. I love people who laugh.

I maintain the Oberlin Blogs and the Oberlin Stories Project.

Y'all know what the Blogs are. Read 'em! Comment on 'em! It makes my job so much more entertaining!

The Oberlin Stories Project is an ongoing compilation of anecdotes written by current students and alumni about their lives and Oberlin's role in it. Think of it as a post-"Why Oberlin" essay, with the added perk that you've already attended the best college in the world and want everyone to know it. I love reading them and editing them, so if you haven't written one yet, please do!

If you have a story to submit, our email address is listed at the bottom of the Stories Project page, but even if you're not sure what to write about, send it there, too, and I'll respond with ideas!

I get to strategize.

Since I work with some of our students, I have to find ways to make sure they're happy and able to do their jobs. I'm in the most contact with the bloggers, and in order to urge them to write more, Brandi and I are testing some techniques to make blogging more of a group activity and event. Plan one: BlogNFeeds. 

Bloggers, look out for this come fall. I love to cook, and I love you guys. I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



And so, my life in Oberlin goes on. Slightly different, but definitely still very, very exciting.

Responses to this Entry

I HAVE AN IDEA! Is there any way you could design fun things for us to leave in the admissions office lobby/give to prospies that has this awesome list? Perhaps? Yes? Maybe?

Posted by: Patrick on July 29, 2010 10:43 PM

They exist! There are bookmarks that were made with most of these websites listed. I have a few in my desk, and I think Megan/Communications has boxes of them.

Let's get them into Admissions!

Posted by: Ma'ayan on July 29, 2010 11:57 PM

I just spent like 30 minutes watching videos on the YouTube channel. Whoops!

Great post, Ma'ayan. I am excited to come visit you!

Posted by: Kate on July 30, 2010 12:03 AM

Ma'ayn, I'm so glad you get to stick around for another year. I know you don't really know me, so I hope this doesn't creep you out. You're just one of the awesome people at Oberlin I didn't get a chance to know well before you graduated. But you're not leaving! I'm sure you'll keep making Oberlin awesome in many unforeseen ways.

Posted by: Nora on August 1, 2010 11:21 PM

Oops. Sorry about the typo in your name, Ma'ayan. Too bad I don't know a way to edit comments after I post them.

Posted by: Nora on August 1, 2010 11:23 PM

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