Eddy in front of a brick wall, smiling
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Eddy Tumbokon ’21

Los Angeles, CA

Legal history, poetry, HGTV, art history, public health, Instagram, immigration, baby videos, education reform

Hey, I'm Eddy (he/him)! I’m a second-year from Los Angeles majoring in Comparative American Studies (pursuing minors in either Creative Writing, Rhetoric, and/or History. Oh! I'm thinking of picking up an Education Studies concentration along the way. There's also nothing stopping me from being a Neuroscience major just to mix it up a little bit, y'know?) When I'm not thinking about what to major in, you can catch me in Wilder Hall lead the Student Finance Committee which directly manages the Student Activity Fund or attending Student Senate Plenary and mulling over campus politics with other Senators. If not there, you can catch me pretending to study in first floor Mudd, pretending to read on the Wilder porch, and pretending to write in Slow Train (I really should’ve considered being a theatre minor, but I digress). Above all of these things, however, my absolute favorite thing I do on campus is being a hype man for all my friends’ house shows and performances. My main interests include vine compilations, HGTV, and making sure I call my mom every Sunday.

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