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To do before Winter Term

December 5, 2009

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

Earlier this week, I made the mistake of looking at the calendar. There's one week left in the semester, and then it's time for finals. I am officially very concerned, because my to-do list now encompasses everything I need to get done before Winter Term begins. Obviously there is little time left.

Here's my basic to-do list, with some helpful explanatory notes.

  • Article - For biochemistry, we have to write an article/make an ad/do something vaguely creative about three journal articles covering a similar topic. I'm writing about naked mole rats and aging, mainly because naked mole rats are awesome.
  • Physics problem set
  • Creative writing critiques - Every week we workshop four people. I have to write up my comments and suggestions for their stories beforehand.
  • Revise - I have so much revision to do on my portfolio for my fiction class before I can turn it in and be happy with it.
  • Creative writing reading
  • English reading - We're reading fairy tales right now, which is very exciting.
  • English paper - This time around, we have the option of writing a re-telling of a fairy tale in the style of Emma Donoghue or Anne Sexton. I'm very, very excited about this because I love fairy tales and I love parodying things. (I know this isn't a parody, but I'll think of it as one anyway.)
  • Lab write up
  • Applications for creative writing classes next semester
  • Bio for blog - Don't look at my current one. It's horribly out of date.
  • Physics extra credit - About every week, there's a lecture that we can attend for extra credit, usually given by one of the other professors in the physics department, usually talking about their area of research. This time, it was about the universe, how to tell what shape it is, how to tell if it's expanding or not.
  • Physics sheet - We get to take in a piece of paper to the physics final with whatever we want on it. Mine is going to have a lot of equations, I can guarantee that.
  • Study biochemistry - The most important thing on here.

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