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Creative Canters: Art Walk Fall 2010

December 27, 2010

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

One of my favorite things about art classes in Oberlin is the massive showcase of student work at the semester's end. While in art classes, you have regular critiques showing off your pieces to your classmates. Near the end of the semester, you'll decide, alone, with your classmates, or with your professor, what piece(s) you'll showcase in the art walk.

Meandering through the Venturi building, art annex, Fisher Gallery, the domes, and the Hales gallery space with some cheese and crackers at hand is a fabulous study break and a great way to support your creative friends. You'll get to see a selection of every kind of art work imaginable: sculpture, photography, book arts, oil paintings, silkscreening, installation... There were even a few senior projects installed in Hales, one of which took up an entire room and was a full sensory experience.

Inside of an art installation

Red cloth

Transparent cloth

This room-sized individual project was intense.

Photographer takes a mirror selfie

Chalk drawing on a wall

If you couldn't tell, Ali and I are rather ridiculous sometimes. We walked through all the buildings to see all the artwork and recognized some names and some pieces along the way.

Sculpted head on a wall

Ali had a little reprise of her senior show, a selection of amazing mounted heads in Hales.

I ran into Chinwe and Will during the art walk (study breaks!), and Will pointed out where fellow blogger Karl had some AMAZING artwork up in the domes.

Artwork hung on a wall

Woah, Karl, you're a rockstar. Out of this world!

A painting of musicians

My friend Erin had some great paintings, and my pal Em had an amazing collection of silkscreens. A former student in a class I was a writing associate in, Noah, had an all-five senses installation experience in addition to a piece on technology and books for the Re-imagining the Book class he'd just completed.

An art installation

Colored pencils on a table

An open sketchbook

Science tubes

Screenprinting templates

Oragami mobile

A map of the world

An art sculpture using books and pages

Some photos from the Re-imagining the Book class. I really wish I had had time to take this class, it looks like SO MUCH FUN every time I see the final results in the art walk.

I'm not really great at talking about art, so I'm going to let some more photos of the walk speak for themselves.

Plants growing inside of miniature terrariums

Paintings hung on a wall

Close up of a sculpture

A finger pointing at prints hung on a wall

An art installation of a place setting on a table

A room filled with chalk drawings

An icicle sculpture

A viewer stands in front of an artwork

This a piece by my friend Sarp. It's ENORMOUS. And what you can't see is that all the black area is very fine-tipped pen lines.

An art piece of figures inside of jars

Paintings hung on a wall

Viewers look at paintings

Close up of an artowkr

Thanks for all your hard work, artsy kids. I had a great time walking around the corridors of creativity.

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