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The classes for which I registered

April 24, 2010

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

I registered for classes this week and, for the first time in a while, I got into classes that I wanted. Gone are the days when credit-wise I looked a year older than I really was, but also like a slacker.

Let me explain. I have a lot of credits, because I've taken a lot of classes and because I brought in some AP credit. In fact, I have so many credits that I could be graduating now if I wasn't double majoring and had planned better. All this meant that, especially for the past two semesters, I looked like a senior who was slacking off and not a junior who had a lot of credits. Now, though, that has all changed.

I used my amazing registration time to register for thermodynamics (terrifying), a creative writing class about bringing poetry into the public in more ways than just through books and readings, and three social science classes. Yes, that's right. Three social sciences.

I need two more credits of social science in order to satisfy graduation requirements, and they have to be in a department other than History, since that's where the rest of them are. I really know nothing about the various social sciences departments, so I plan on shopping around during Add/Drop. Registering for three classes just makes it a little less stressful.

Currently, I'm looking at a sociology class called You're Not the Boss of You, Introduction to International Politics, and Introduction to Archaeology. I'll probably also visit the first classes of a few other courses, just to see if I'd like those better.

Truth be told, I don't need to be worrying this much about what social science I'm going to take. It isn't that big a deal. But since I have all this power, I'm trying to make sure that I get into a fantastic class. Tune in next year to find out.

Also, for the record, I am also planning on taking a nonfiction workshop next semester, but, as with all upper-level creative writing classes, I'll have to apply for that by the end of the semester, and I'll find out over the summer whether or not I got in.

In case anyone missed it, I'll say the point of this post again, in plain English: I'm going to be a senior. That means I got to register for classes that I wanted without hassles and that I'm going to live in a house next year. Excitement is afoot.

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