Tuesday, June 25, 2019 to Sunday, December 22, 2019

Location: West Ambulatory (directions)

Tomiyuki Sakuta, Person 1.
Photo: Courtesy of the Allen Memorial Art Museum

Prints by artists from China, Japan, and Thailand showcase the AMAM's growing collection of contemporary Asian art. Works by Arakawa, Haoyu Xu, Tomiyuki Sakuta, Boonme Sangkhum, and Noda Tetsuya demonstrate a variety of techniques and subject matter, from a woodblock print recording a visit to Israel to a mezzotint reflecting on the natural cycles of life and death central to the Buddhist understanding of impermanence.

Image Description

Tomiyuki Sakuta (Japanese, b. 1960), "Person 1" from the series "Persons," 2015–16, intaglio and chine-collĂ©. Gift of Driek (OC 1965) and Michael (OC 1964) Zirinsky in honor of Janice Nakano Fadem (OC 1965), 2017.35.3

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