Learning Languages

No one language contains the sum of human knowledge. And in fact, Oberlin’s most vibrant discussions aren’t just held in English. Our language programs connect you to the larger world.

Oberlin faculty offer courses in a dozen world languages. In most cases, Oberlin offers language learners a full language sequence, from beginning through advanced, although in some cases offerings are more limited. Many Oberlin programs feature upper-division courses on a range of subjects taught in languages other than English, or in English and another language as part of the Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC) initiative.

Students interested in learning languages not offered through the regular course catalog are encouraged to explore the Experimental College , which in the past has offered courses in languages such as Korean, Turkish, American Sign Language, and Portuguese; to consult faculty with particular language skills; or to discuss their options with Abe Reshad, the director of the Cooper International Learning Center and with the Office of Study Away.

Languages Taught

Languages Faculty

Exposure to and understanding a world language opens doors to learning about other components that represent the language: music, books, art, history, culture, and more. Listen as faculty share what they enjoy about researching, teaching, and speaking a world language.

Professor Chris Trinacty on Seneca
My Favorite Author by Stiliana Milkova