Anisa Curry Vietze


  • Sustained Dialogue Coordinator


Hailing from Bloomington, IN, Anisa Curry Vietze came to Oberlin first as a student, majoring in Politics with a concentration in Journalism and graduating in 2022. She spent most of her four years as a student in The Oberlin Review office working as an Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, and also worked as a Peer Advising Leader (PAL), at the ’Sco, and was in Tank Co-op. 

Anisa loves Oberlin and is passionate about cultivating spaces where students feel at home on campus. Anisa’s main function in OSD is to expand dialogue work on campus, launching a few new programs this year, including On Topic. Her favorite part of the job is when she gets to talk to students and involve them in what she’s working on. Outside of work, Anisa loves rock climbing and listening to podcasts.