Photo of Ana Cara
  • Professor of Hispanic Studies


  • BA, Middlebury College, 1972
  • MA in folklore and folklife, University of Pennsylvania, 1974
  • PhD in folklore and folklife, University of Pennsylvania, 1983


Ana Cara is a specialist in folklore, creolization theory, Latin American and Caribbean literatures and cultures, Jorge Luis Borges, and tango. She has conducted fieldwork in Argentina, the Caribbean, and among Latinos in the U.S.  She studies and teaches about the artfulness of ordinary life and its relationship to literature, and is interested in the ways vernacular poetics and traditional expressive arenas constitute contested terrain.

  • Latino/a and Latin American Folklore
  • Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
  • Music, Orality and Literature in the Hispanic World
  • Reading Borges
  • Modern Latin American Poetry
  • Survey of Latin American Literature
  • Spanish for Heritage Speaker

  • “Entangled Tangos: Passionate Displays, Intimate Dialogues,” Journal of American Folklore, Special Issue on Latin American Dance, (Forthcoming)
  • “Milonga de dos hermanos,” Jorge Luis Borges. The Evansville Review, April 2007. Prize-winning translation. Co-translated with David Young.
  • Creolization and Folklore (Special Issue), Journal of American Folklore, Co-edited with Robert Baron, Vol. 116. No. 459. Winter 2003.  Introduction co-authored with Robert Baron.
  • “The Poetics of Creole Talk: Toward an Aesthetic of Argentine Verbal Art,” Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 116, No. 459, 2003, pp.36-56
  • “A Death in Geneva”  (Jorge Luis Borges 1899-1986), with original translations of three milongas by J.L. Borges, World Literature Today, Winter, 1988.
  • “Cocoliche: The Art of Assimilation and Dissimulation Among Italians and Argentines,” Latin American Research Review, 22, no. 3, Fall 1987.
  • “Borges’ Milongas: The Chords of Argentine Verbal Art,” in Borges, The Poet, Carlos Cortinez, ed., University of Arkansas Press, 1986, pp. 280-295.


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