Amirhassan Javadi


  • Practicum Student Therapist


I am in my second year at Cleveland State University’s counseling psychology doctoral program. My background is in clinical psychology, and I worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for a few years when I was in Iran. I am mostly trained in working with adults in individual and group settings. My clinical orientation is toward relational psychodynamic theories.

I embrace the fact that we cannot understand humans’ psychological pains and concerns without understanding their social context. Societal forces like systems of oppression along with internal forces co-create our mental experiences; therefore, we need to take all of them into account when encountering a psychological phenomenon (e.g., depression or anxiety).

Regarding my professional passion, I have a keen interest in psychodynamic theories, group therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, and multicultural counseling. Moreover, I am curious about how we can make psychotherapy effective for more diverse populations. 

I firmly believe in the power of dialogue and putting our feelings and experiences into words in an empathic and secure relationship. I know it is not the end in many cases, but It would be a big step towards finding balance and reliable contextual solutions. I believe that all the answers are within you and curiosity can help us to find them.

Under the supervision of  John Harshbarger.