Oberlin's Admissions Office, in conjunction with the Alumni Association, has developed a program which enables alumni to participate in the recruiting process – the Alumni Recruiting Network. Although methods of finding outstanding prospective students for Oberlin vary, alumni are asked to do one or more of the following:

  • Search for talented high school students, meet them, and put them in touch with Oberlin's Admissions Office;
  • Serve as a local liaison between Oberlin and high school teachers and counselors, including representing the college at local high school college fairs;
  • Interview students who have applied to Oberlin and send the Admissions Office confidential comments about the candidates, including their interests, needs, and what they might offer to Oberlin;
  • Follow up on students who show interest in Oberlin; contact those who are admitted to ensure that they enroll.

In cities that have many alumni recruiters and many applicants, an admissions recruiter coordinator will be available to organize admissions activities in those regions.

2013-14 Alumni Recruiting Network Area Coordinators

Location Coordinators
California - Los Angeles

Liz Huff ’10 
Los Angeles, CA

Danny Domaguin ’06 
Los Angeles, CA

California - San Francisco

Don Phillips ’83 
San Francisco, CA

Patrick Doherty ’11 
Walnut Creek, CA

Colorado - Denver/Boulder

Ellen Hertzman ’85 
Englewood, CO

Florida - Miami

Lindsay Schriftman ’00 
South Miami, FL

Illinois - Chicago

Andrea Clark-Horton ’98 
Chicago, IL

Tasha Jackson-Jones ’96 
Chicago, IL

Leah Whitesel ’01 
Chicago, IL

Maryland - Greater DC Area

Aries Indenbaum ’09 
Washington, DC

Elio Trabal ’04 
Silver Spring, MD

Massachusetts - Boston

Melissa Maisel ’93 
Roslindale, MA

Erin Child ’09 
Cambridge, MA

Minnesota - Twin Cities

Jason Bribitzer-Stull ’95 
Walnut Creek, CA

New Jersey

Andy Rowan ’83 
Trenton, NJ

Andrea Lehman ’83 
Trenton, NJ

New York - Five Boroughs

Oscar Reyes ’95 
Bronx, NY

Jes Sheridan ’98 
New York, NY

Oregon - Portland

David Baer ’94 
Portland, OR

Abby Bush ’97 
Portland, OR

Rhode Island - Providence

Walt Galloway ’69 
West Greenwich, RI

Tennessee - Memphis

Ann Pretzer ’02 
Memphis, TN

Zach Pretzer ’03 
Memphis, TN

Texas - El Paso

Francisco “Paco” Dominguez ’89 
El Paso, TX