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Matthew Loden '90

Professional Background

Matthew Loden '90

  • Performed and taught around the world as a professional violinist with chamber ensembles, symphony orchestras and on Broadway
  • Executive Leadership experience with major performing arts organizations
  • Committed to education and community service




What elements of your personal and professional life would be helpful to you in your service as a trustee?
I have real-world experience in creating clear and achievable strategies for arts and education organizations, often born out of crisis. I've learned to inspire in trying times and I also know when not to lead. As a performer and executive I've practiced how to listen closely to what's actually being said and to be a strong voice for action in ambiguity. I am also the father of a 20 year old college sophomore, and am well-versed in the challenges and opportunities for young adults in the higher education space.

What do you spend your time working on and thinking about?
Most of my career has been spent trying to balance artistic ideals and opportunities with the challenges of creating one's own musical profession. Succeeding in the creative industries as a performer requires an entrepreneurial approach. It also requires the ability to generate critical revenue in a crowded entertainment market. My regular interior monologues are: How can I connect my music with more people? How can I encourage people to buy tickets and remain "sticky patrons"? How does one present programs that are compelling and relevant without alienating a patron base? How can one find resources to create new works and support growth? How can western "high" musical culture shed the elitism that stifles growth and creativity? And how can arts organizations use their public platforms to be of service to a community?

What else do you want your fellow alumni to know about you as they consider how they will vote?
I'm eager to use my non-profit board and management experience to see how I might be able to help Oberlin thrive -- particularly at the Conservatory. Being able to contribute to Oberlin's plans for supporting the next generation of musical talent would be an immense honor and responsibility.

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