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Francisco X. Dominguez '89

Professional Background

Francisco X. Dominguez '89

  • Elected judge of the 205th District Court, handling civil and felony criminal cases in El Paso, Hudspeth and Culberson Counties in Far West Texas.
  • Began legal career with New York Legal Aid Society-Criminal Defense Division (Manhattan Office), represented farmworkers and garment workers as a Staff Attorney with Texas Rural Legal Aid, Inc., prosecuted employment discrimination cases on behalf of the government as a Trial Attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Established my own law practice in 2002, handling employment and civil rights cases until 2015 when I took the bench.


What elements of your personal professional life would be helpful to you in your service as a trustee?
My responsibilities as a father of two college students and my duties as a judge define me at this stage in life. As a father, I try to set an example for my children to be engaged with their community and the world, to embrace our family’s strong work ethic, and to be passionate about everything they do. Those are values that I brought to Oberlin, and which Oberlin further cultivated in me. As a judge, I draw on Oberlin’s commitment to intellectual honesty, access and equity, and academic integrity. As a trustee, these are the values that I embrace as our board works to ensure that Oberlin remains relevant and competitive in an educational world that is changing the way we recruit, educate, house and retain students.  

What do you spend your time working on and thinking about?
For over 20 years, I advocated on behalf of individuals who faced injustice in their workplace or in their interaction with governmental entities. Currently, my work requires me to be vigilant and ensure that the lawyers and parties that appear before me are treated with respect and dignity, so that at the end of the process, they walk away knowing that they were heard and treated fairly, regardless of the outcome. Without the effort and work needed to achieve this, the promise of justice is nothing more than an empty concept. Likewise, Oberlin’s promise of educational excellence and commitment to empowering students to be leaders and innovators has meaning because our board works tirelessly and thoughtfully to secure Oberlin’s future. I want to continue that work.

What else do you want your fellow alumni to know about you?
I was not as well prepared academically as many of my peers when I arrived at Oberlin. Nevertheless, the Oberlin community kept its promise of opportunity, stayed true to its commitment to diversity, and provided me with the mentors and guidance that allowed me to do the work to catch up. More importantly, my Oberlin family recognized that I had something significant to contribute as a Border kid and allowed my voice to develop. I want to add to our effort to address the financial and ethical challenges that liberal arts education faces in the U.S.

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