Office of Advancement

Why I Choose to Give

Meg Kontrabecki-Jones ’96
“Without the generosity of so many donors, I would very likely have had to...attend a different school that didn’t fit me as well.”
Photo of Meg Kontrabecki-Jones ’96
Mathilda McGee-Tubb ’07
“I give to Oberlin so that it can continue to be ... the place that cultivates interesting, motivated individuals who inspire change in their communities.”
Photo of Mathilda McGee-Tubb ’07
Nick Nanda ’03
“Oberlin gave me the tools to succeed at my job, but more importantly it taught me to be exceptional at life.”
Photo of Nick Nanda ’03
Lillie Chilen ’08
“I know that a lot of small contributions can add up to make a major impact on Oberlin’s finances.”
Photo of Lillie Chilen ’08
Marybeth Bridegam ’57
“I feel that my values, my goals, my choices, and the rest of my life were shaped by my time at Oberlin.”
Photo of Marybeth Bridegam ’57; Photo Credit: Fuchs/Kasperek
Amy Rothstein ’68
“I feel an obligation to continue to support Oberlin with yearly donations as a way to give back what was so generously given to me.”
Photo of Amy Rothstein ’68; Photo Credit: John Seyfried
Louise Luckenbill ’58
“Oberlin has left an imprint on us. So it’s important for us to give back to Oberlin.”
Photo of Louise Luckenbill ’58
Steven Roth ’77
“Why do I give to Oberlin? One simple answer: the students.”
Photo of Steven Roth ’77; Photo Credit: Christopher Navin
Sue Richmond ’56
“Through my contribution, I feel I am helping the next generation live out the values of an Oberlin education.”
Photo of Sue Richmond ’56; Photo Credit: John Seyfried
Craig Richmond ’56
“Oberlin taught me that whatever the challenge, if I would read and study, I could learn what I needed or wanted to know.”
Photo of Craig Richmond ’56; Photo Credit: John Seyfried