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Students Tell the Oberlin Story Best

Student callers are essential to the success of the Oberlin Annual and Parents Funds, and to connecting alumni and parents with the college and conservatory. Our callers, known as Student Fundraising Assistants, contact thousands of alumni and parents each year to ask for gifts. Students and their stories are the best way to reconnect alumni and parents with the Oberlin experience — because it’s your story.

Interested in Applying?

Student Fundraisers speak with alumni, parents, and friends of Oberlin about their experiences and update them with campus news and information about regional events in addition to asking for annual gifts. This position requires excellent communication skills, a problem-solving mentality, the ability to think on your feet in a fast-paced environment, and a genuine affinity for Oberlin and the Oberlin community. Working with the Annual Fund team is a great opportunity to improve your communication, fundraising, and public relations skills for life after Oberlin.


  • Contact alumni and parents by telephone to solicit support for the Oberlin Annual and Parents Fund and share information about the college and conservatory, including on-campus and regional events
  • Commit to 2-3 shifts per week and understand that unexcused absences will not be tolerated
  • Arrive on time and with a positive attitude to scheduled calling sessions.
  • Be knowledgeable about Oberlin and able to speak about the benefits of supporting it financially
  • Work with other Student Fundraising Assistants in a team-oriented environment to further the development of the student phoning program
  • Sign the phoning program’s confidentiality agreement and respect the confidentiality of alumni and parent information
  • Participate in required training for student callers


  • Competitive wages: Callers begin at $10.00/hour, with paid training, opportunities for bonuses, and annual pay increases
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Develop strong public relations, fundraising, communication, and marketing skills
  • Network with alumni in various professions all across the United States

Apply to be a Caller

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Stonebraker-Martinez at (440) 775-8550  or by email at