Class agent volunteers are instrumental in helping Oberlin Annual Fund staff members with their fundraising efforts. Without the more than 600 volunteers who currently are part of the class agent program, Oberlin could never have achieved such a significant increase in alumni giving participation this past fiscal year — up three percentage points from the previous year.

The Program

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Contacting 10 or more classmates through telephone calls, e-mails, or letters twice a year (once in October and once in April) to ask for their participation in your class fundraising effort
  • Updating your classmates about Oberlin’s current issues and providing feedback on your classmates’ interests and concerns
  • Thanking your classmates for their participation and gifts

Why Volunteer?

Many of our agents see this volunteer opportunity as a way to “give back” in addition to their gift, while others use it to re-connect with classmates they have not seen or talked to in a long time. Class agents are encouraged to choose the people they contact on behalf of the Annual Fund for this very reason. By contacting your classmates twice a year (or more — if you decide that you want to stay in contact with them), many Oberlin alumni have re-established old friendships and have even made new connections with past classmates.

Athletes — if you’d like to become a Heisman Agent and get in touch with your former teammates on behalf of the Heisman Club, please contact Natalie Winkelfoos at (440) 775-6463  or .

If you’re interested in becoming a class agent volunteer, please contact the Oberlin Annual Fund at (800) 693-3167  or .