FAQs: Uncovering COVID-19 Course (2020)

Oberlin’s Class of 2024 has a singular opportunity to delve into the makings of the coronavirus outbreak from a liberal arts perspective in the new virtual course, Uncovering COVID-19.

FAQs: ‘‘Uncovering COVID-19: Critical Liberal Arts Perspectives?’’

This is a course specially designed for students admitted to Oberlin College’s Class of 2024. The course features eight Oberlin College faculty members presenting lectures that approach the pandemic from distinct academic disciplines, ranging from statistics, to writing, to biology, to political science.

Faculty are excited to show you how these disciplines come together at Oberlin to tackle complex challenges. This course thus serves as an introduction to liberal arts learning.

In addition to interacting with faculty members, you will have the chance to meet current student leaders at Oberlin as well as your future peers.

During the first offering of the course, classes took place on Tuesday evenings. During the second offering, classes will take place via Zoom on eight consecutive Thursdays, from 6:30–8:30 p.m. EDT, beginning Thursday, May 21, and concluding Thursday, July 9.

Each class session will begin with a lecture by an Oberlin faculty member about how COVID-19 can be studied from the perspective of their particular academic discipline.

The lecture and Q&A will run for approximately an hour. Students will then break out into discussion groups facilitated by current student leaders, including Peer Advising Leaders, Writing Associates, and CLEAR mentors. During these breakout sessions, students will debrief the lecture, get to know each other, and discuss student life at Oberlin.

This is a for-credit course. It is worth the equivalent of one-half of a regular full-semester course. Students who successfully complete this course and then choose to enroll at Oberlin will receive two academic credits toward graduation.

No. Enrolling in the course is free. All readings and other materials will be provided for free. Students will need access to the internet in order to stream the lectures and discussion groups via Zoom.

We will be very sad to see you go! But with regard to the course, you are still welcome to enroll and participate to the same extent as other students, even after you’ve made up your mind to go elsewhere.  If you would like to transfer the course credit with an Oberlin transcript, there will be a tuition fee of $1,000.

We understand that this is a challenging time. To acknowledge this reality, Oberlin College has adjusted its grading policies for all currently enrolled students.

In that spirit, if you begin the class but are unable to complete it, the course will simply not appear on your transcript, either at Oberlin or wherever else you choose to enroll. The course will appear on your transcript only if you successfully complete the course.