Oberlin’s $10,000 Commitment

We will commit to you so that you can commit to us.

Two students converse in a busy classroom.
Photo credit: Matthew Lester

To ease the burden of the high cost of college and to recognize the excellence of our students, Oberlin will award a renewable $10,000 Oberlin Commitment Scholarship to all new students who enroll in the College of Arts & Sciences and/or the Conservatory of Music. This commitment reflects Oberlin’s historic, ongoing efforts to broaden educational access.

Oberlin meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, and all admitted students, regardless of financial need, will be considered for additional merit scholarships. So in many cases, the Oberlin Commitment Scholarship will be part of a larger need- and/or merit-based package that will be calculated once a student has been admitted.

Each year, Oberlin dedicates more than $100 million dollars to financial aid to support students and their families and is committed to making higher education affordable for all who aspire to join the Oberlin community.

So go ahead, imagine yourself at Oberlin—where our dynamic community of scholars and musicians are discovering their paths and improving our world.