Even the boldest journey of discovery can benefit from guidance. That’s why we make sure you have access to a broad array of resources tailored to your situation. Whether you need advice, information, learning accommodations, or specialized course materials, there’s an academic resource (or a helpful human) to assist you.

Info Sessions/Presentations

Where to get Support

If you need to choose a class, seek accommodations for a disability, print a paper, or something else, we have the information you need.


Textbooks and Computing

Books and technology are essential to your learning at Oberlin. The Oberlin College Bookstore supplies class texts (both hard copy and virtual) as well as official Oberlin merchandise, stationery supplies, and more. Need to print a paper or use a computer? Visit our many computer labs for assistance. And our Center for Information Technology can hook you up with tech support, provide free software, assist with Mac and HP repairs, and more.