Photo of Aaron Mucciolo


College admissions is a two way street. You have to decide Oberlin is right for you just as much as we're responsible for sussing out who might best contribute to the Oberlin community. Neither is as easy as we’d like it to be. Both are made much easier the more we know about each other.

My own time at Oberlin - and in the town of Oberlin for a number of years after graduation - included majors in both theater and politics; frisbee, track, and fencing; writing and editing for the school paper; talk radio at WOBC; handling money for a dining co-op; sketch comedy; helping set policy for the student union; alternate reality games; green home repair; web design; and a short stint as an elected official.

Here’s the fun part: that’s just a sliver of what this bucolic Ohio ’burb has to offer. So take a look around, try and get out to campus to see things first hand, and please ask, explore, and otherwise get to know Oberlin — and help us get to know you as well.


Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C.