How to Register for Classes

Oberlin students register for classes in PRESTO. In addition to your T-number and PIN (Personal Identification Number), you must have your RAP (Registration Alternate PIN) that your advisor will give you at the end of your individual advising session. 
New and students returning from leave need their RAP throughout registration and add/drop in the first semester. Continuing students do not need a RAP for add/drop once they have registered in April and November.

What if I lose my RAP?

Only your advisor can provide you with your RAP. Please contact your advisor. 

How much time will I have to register?

Initial registration appointments in November (for spring semester) and April (for fall semester) are three working days. For example, if you begin your registration appointment on Friday, your appointment will conclude on Tuesday.
Initial registration appointments for new students during Orientation are 45 minutes; this time frame can be extended upon request. Please contact the Academic Advising Resource Center/Office of the Registrar. 
During the first two days of add/drop, you will have approximately four hours each day to add and drop. On the third day, you will have from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. through to the end of the second module add/drop.

What if I need consent to get into a class?

Consent is permission to take a course; it is not a guaranteed seat.
Contact the instructor or go to the class and ask for consent. The instructor will give you consent by either entering consent online or giving you written consent. Written consent must be done via a Registration Schedule Adjustment card, available at the Academic Advising Resource Center/Office of the Registrar. Once the faculty member signs the card, bring it to the Academic Advising Resource Center/Office of the Registrar for processing. If the instructor says they will enter the consent online, you will be responsible for checking PRESTO to confirm consent has been entered. You will then need to register for the course using PRESTO. 

What if I can’t get in a class because of a prerequisite?

Certain courses carry prerequisites; listed in the course catalog. If you do not have the prerequisite, you will not be able to add the course. If you believe you have the academic preparation for the course, you can make an appointment to talk to the faculty member who is teaching the course to ask permission to take the course. The faculty member will then decide whether an exception is warranted. If s/he makes an exception, the faculty member will need to override the prerequisite in PRESTO for you. Once entered, you can add the course during add/drop via PRESTO. 

What are wait lists?

Each faculty member manages wait lists for courses. Please contact the faculty member for the course in question for information about how the wait list will work for the course.