Academic Advising Resource Center

2020-2021 Advising and Registration

Faculty and staff advising new and returning College of Arts and Sciences students can follow this schedule as the process of advising and course registration gets under way.

Advising and Registration Timeline

August 4 - 10

  • Meet with returning and continuing advisees. 
  • RAPS are available through Engage. 
  • See the announcements section of Engage for links to Engage training videos.
  • Schedule these Zoom appointments individually with your advisees.

August 11 - 12

  • Continuing and returning students register for two semesters of attendance (fall/spring, spring/summer, or fall/summer). 
  • Students on a COVID off-semester in the fall will register for spring and summer courses. 
  • Students on a personal leave of absence for one semester in 2020-21 will register for the semester in which they will be enrolled.
  • Registration for spring conservatory courses will not be open at this time. Students will be able to register for these courses in November. 
  • Students can view their appointment times by accessing Prepare for Registration through OberView.

August 13 - 14

  • New student advising and registration for fall semester courses only. Students will register for their second semester courses beginning in November.
  • Advising appointments from 11 am to 3 pm on August 13
  • Students will receive an email with their advising appointment and the Zoom link provided by the advisor. 
  • Advisors received a list of the advisees and their appointment times. 

August 17 - August 26

  • Second registration window for all students

August 27 - September 10

  • Third registration window for all students. 
  • There will be other opportunities for students to adjust courses for future terms.

September 10

  • Add/Drop Deadline
  • Registration for full semester and first module fall courses will close. 
  • Registration and course adjustments for spring and summer courses will close until November.