Oberlin College
December 1997


Front Page: U.S. State Department Official Kicks Off Peters Hall Rededication


  • Technology in the new language lab is changing
      how Obies teach and learn
  • How "wired" is Oberlin? Plug in here to find out.
  • Roaring toward Broadway

    In View: Learning about politics by working the front lines

    Profile: Counselor sets an example by living her own dreams

    Arts: A preview of plans for Finney Chapel's pumped-up new organ

    Obies: Finding truth in literature

    The Big Picture: Arlo Guthrie packs them into Finney

    Center Piece: A returned Shansi rep talks about his work in Japan

  • Significant Figure


    • Chaos on Stage
    • Another Strong Entering Class
    • Student Named PIRG Prez
    • Toward an (almost) Paperless Oberlin
    • Garden Adds Life to Underground Railroad Sculpture
    • Supporting Tomorrow's Scholars

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