Around The Square Is a "Hit" 250 times a day

If you are reading this article from a computer screen, you are not alone. More than 250 times a day, someone somewhere is looking at an article or picture on the ATS web site. That added up to 7,099 "hits" (file requests) in April. The total for May rose to 7,679, and June slowed a bit to 6,712. In July, with a new issue up, the average number of hits has jumped to more than 300 per day.

Many of those online viewers are Oberlin College students, faculty, and staff members. But the electronic ATS-which includes additional photos and links to related information-is also drawing interest from around the world. Recent virtual visitors have come from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta (Malta?), New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

--John Appley

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