Oberlin College
July 1997


Front Page: What Keeps Black Students at Oberlin?
Survey Reveals Some Surprises

In View: Should the U.S. mandate English as its national language?

Arts: With a prestigious fellowship to back her up, this Obie is leaping into the world of arts management

Centerpiece: A final project to beat all projects

Obies: A semester in Ghana helped this Obie realize who she is

Yeosports:Women's lacrosse takes the conference championship!

Dateline: News About Oberlin From All Over

ATS online statistics

Profile: Meet Clayton Koppes: historian, cook, home renovator, and dean of Oberlin's College of Arts and Sciences

The Big Picture: The moment of victory!

Significant Figure


  • Wrights Writes a Winner
  • OJE: Jazz Festival Favorite
  • Fifth-Generation Obie Graduates
  • Celebrating 25 Years of Contact Improv
  • Campus Beauty Recognized and Honored
  • Music in the Hills of Italy
  • A Hard-Earned Degree
  • If at First You Succeed, Do It Again!

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