untitled but not Unnoticed

The members of the Art Students Committee (ASC) who launched untitled last spring may not have known much about publishing, but they knew what they wanted to accomplish-to present to the entire Oberlin community works of art created by Oberlin students. Works that would otherwise be "rarely seen outside of sketchbooks and classrooms," wrote editor Julia P. Martin '95 and publisher Christopher Yarrow '94 in the introduction to the first issue.

That seemingly simple goal translated into a clearly defined mission statement, the cornerstone of any good publication. And the enthusiastic response to untitled: spring 1995, which was distributed free on campus, proved the staff had grasped a second fundamental of publishing: know your audience.

Like last year, inclusion in this year's issue of untitled was "open to everyone," said ASC liaison Emily Kaiser '96. While many of the works submitted to the 1996 edition were products of the advanced studio-art seminar for seniors, the committee's year-long advertising campaign attracted submissions from the wider community of student artists, she said. Some of the works included in untitled: spring 1996 are reproduced here.

ASC members who have worked on untitled have also received a crash course in the fund-raising aspects of publishing, from which they've graduated with honors. The moneys that financed the 1995 and 1996 issues came from the ASC's budget as well as from donations from several College departments, including the president's office, the Allen Memorial Art Museum, and the art department. And thanks to ASC's careful fiscal management, untitled's fans can rest assured that a 1997 issue will be forthcoming.

Anyone wishing to reserve a copy of next year's issue can do so by writing the ASC at: Wilder Box 4, 135 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, OH 44074. E-mail: You will be notified of the cost, if any, later in the academic year.

--Cindy Nickoloff '88

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