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Oberlin Is Top College Town in State, Says OHIO Magazine

On a perfect Indian summer Saturday in October, Oberlin hosted its first College-Town Day to celebrate its recent designation as Ohio's Most Livable College Community by OHIO Magazine.

The magazine noted: "As a private college, Oberlin does not receive any operating funds from residents in the form of state taxes. At the same time, the school is so small it can't bully the town the way a larger school might. So instead the city and college cooperate on a level playing field and have for years, to each's mutual benefit."

The celebration delighted residents and visitors, including some 500 moms and dads attending Parents Weekend. The lineup of events included musical and cultural events performed by both College and community groups.

Strollers on Tappan Square enjoyed free donuts and coffee served by volunteers from Kendal at Oberlin, a nearby retirement complex; voted for the best chili in a cook-off hosted by the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association; and purchased produce at the weekly Farmers Market presented by the Oberlin Sustainable Agriculture Project.

The day ended with an open-air concert by Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary. In an interview in The Oberlin Review, Yarrow said he intended "to share the tradition of Peter, Paul and Mary, [which] has at its heart the belief that people, acting together, have the capacity to make things better and to change the world."

Oberlin town and gown would agree.

--Betty Gabrielli

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