Dill Field Receives Facelift

First impressions are lasting. The appearance of the campus is often a determining factor in whether people return to Oberlin, be it as prospective students, alumni, or just visitors. Lost on most is the tremendous amount of energy, time, and money spent on maintaining and upgrading the very buildings and grounds that make Oberlin College what it is.

One of more than a dozen major projects that took place this summer was the renovation of the stadium at Dill Field. Ohio's ever-changing weather has taken its toll on the stadium, requiring repairs estimated at $460,000 that will occur in phases over a three-year period.

This summer, masonry work was begun, including patching holes and bad spots throughout the stadium, resealing of the concrete on the underside, relaying the brick tower at the southwest corner of the stadium. Three extension joints were also replaced. Next summer the patching and resealing will be completed. In the final phase, in the summer of 1998, all handrails will be replaced and a new pressbox will be constructed.

The repair of the stadium has an impact on the athletics department beyond the football team, which plays just five home games a year. Ann Gilbert, assistant director of athletics and head coach for women's basketball, looks for the project to be advantageous for many of Oberlin's sports programs.

"The stadium facility is utilized not only by the football program, but also by the basketball, lacrosse, and track teams," Gilbert said. "The renovation will be beneficial to all of our student-athletes, both men and women, and will help promote and stimulate interest in intercollegiate athletics at Oberlin College."

Head Football Coach Pete Peterson is also excited about the renovation project and the positive impact it will have on the athletics programs.

"The renewed spirit at Oberlin and for Oberlin athletics is very refreshing," he said. "We are all proud of what we do every day to make Oberlin one of the finest colleges in the nation, and our new stadium is just a small part of that commitment to excellence. We are, and should continue to be, outstanding at each and every endeavor."

--Scott Wargo

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