When signing up for lessons at the beginning of the semester, you will need to download and print the lesson availability form. Fill this out and submit it to the current team president as soon as possible!

You will be assigned a driver for your lesson time. You should plan on meeting him or her about half an hour before your lesson time (if you are riding with Ashley, you must be on your horse 10 minutes before the start of your lesson to warm up) and plan on coming home about a half hour after your lesson time--arrange a time and place to meet well in advance of your lesson day! BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR DRIVER. Do not keep him or her waiting. Keep phone numbers in your phone and call if you are going to be late or if you have canceled your lesson. Good communication is essential! You are responsible for paying $10 to your assigned driver at the beginning of each semester to cover gas expenses.

Our cancellation policy is strict. Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance or you are responsible for paying for the missed lesson in full. This payment will be due before you can take another lesson. If you need to cancel, contact Liz Maclean, our lesson coordinator, at lessons@crazyw.com or 440-653-0127, your driver, AND the team vice president. If the driver must cancel, it is their responsibility to find someone else to drive (by contacting the list of available drivers) and notify the people in the lesson. Only extreme cases (such as SEVERE illness or weather or death in the family) will be exempt from the 24-hour notification policy. Still, please use courtesy and contact Liz and your driver, rather than just not showing up. Repeated abusers of the cancellation policy will be asked to leave the team.

If something beyond everyone's control happens and a driver does not show up, use the emergency driver list (available on blackboard) to call around until you can find someone who can drive you. Notify the team vice president afterwards so that she knows the situation.

You are responsible for properly caring for your horse, equipment, and barn space before and after your lesson. You must properly cool down, brush, re-blanket, and put away your horse after your lesson. Equipment must be cleaned if necessary and returned neatly to the correct tack locker. Report any broken or missing equipment immediately. Clean the aisle space by sweeping up after your lesson and dump in a muck bucket, not a stall or out the aisle door. Repeat violaters will be asked to leave the team.