The year was 1984, and the little college town of Oberlin was about to experience its very first taste of the sweet nectar of a cappella music. The brainchild of Arnold Lee and David Ehrenstein, the Obertones came roaring onto campus with a new brand of vocal music unlike any the innocent midwest had ever experienced. To this day, they remain Oberlin's premier (and only) all-male a cappella group, preserving and passing on a tradition of brotherly love and musical excellence.

The Obertones perform both on and off-campus at a variety of venues, including schools, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, fundraisers, and corporate meetings, and spend each Spring Break on tour, spreading their music across the country. The Obertones pride themselves on arranging their own songs and turning known songs into their own songs, practicing a unique and complex vocal style focusing on group unity rather than relying on a typical "soloist + supporting vocals" format. Put shortly, the Obertones are not your average a cappella group.