The Oberlin Aikikai is an organization dedicated to the study of Aikido. The majority of our members are Oberlin College students who supplement their academic studies with time spent on the mat. Our membership also extends to citizens in several towns and many ages, and anyone is welcome to train. Though we come from many different backgrounds, we are all unified in our dedication to aikido, and in seeing how we can apply it to our daily lives.

Foundation and Structure

Our dojo is affiliated with the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, a national organization headed by Mitsuge Saotome-shihan. We also operate in conjunction with the Cleveland Aikikai, under the auspices of Jim Klar-sensei, yondan.

Each semester we bring in a new group of students through Oberlin's Experimental College program. These "ExCo" students train twice a week in classes taught by senior club members, and many attend additional classes on weekends. At the end of a semester in the ExCo, students will test for rokkyu (6th kyu), the first rank that can be achieved in our organization.

Advanced classes are offered for club members who have advanced beyond rokkyu. These are taught by instructors from the Cleveland Aikikai.

The Oberlin Aikikai is blessed with the opportunity to host three seminars every year. In the fall and winter, we offer seminars a wide array of instructors who offer their unique insights on aikido. In the first weekend of May, the Oberlin Aikikai is proud to host our annual seminar with Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan.

For more details about our class times, please see our section on classes.

If you would like to help support the long tradition of the Oberlin Aikikai, please email us for information on donations.

Dojo Rules & Etiquette

We strive to create a harmonious and disciplined atmosphere on the mat to encourage not only safety, but also a greater understanding of aikido. Please review this section from the official ASU handbook on dojo rules & etiquette (PDF).