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Community Resources and Opportunities


To support students in their efforts to plan responsibly for social events in residential spaces the Office of Residential Education and Dining services developed the following processes for seeking authorization to sponsor parties.

a. Party Authorization for Cooperative Housing

Residents who wish to host a party in OSCA must pick up a party-planning packet that outlines the party-planning process from the Office of Residential Education. If the party will involve the serving of beer, students must come to the Office of Residential Education no later than five weeks prior to the event for approval. Failure to meet this deadline within five weeks will result in the party not being approved. 

b. Party Authorization for Village Housing

Residents who want to host a party in village housing must make an appointment with the party planner in Residential Education to receive a Village Housing Party Permit. If students wish to host a party in their village housing unit, regardless of whether alcohol will be served, they must come to the office and meet with the party planner a minimum of THREE days prior to the event for approval. In village housing a “party” refers to an event that will exceed the guest policy. Failure to meet this deadline within three days will result in the party not being approved. Please note that parties may not be approved in village housing even if the 3-day minimum has been met. An appropriate staff member needs to be available to meet with residents and inspect the house. Parties in village housing will not be approved during fall or spring break, or for the last two weekends of the fall and spring semesters.

All parties must adhere to all college policies regarding, alcohol, noise and guests. Unauthorized parties or approved parties that violate the party policy are subject to judicial action and/or fines.

For more information about the party planning process, please go to: 

c. Unauthorized Party/Violation of Party Policy

Unauthorized parties or approved parties that violate the party policy are subject to judicial action that may include educational sanctions, fines and fees. The assessment of charges associated with these incidents serves as a reminder that unauthorized parties or parties that grow out of their capacity to maintain community standards warrant an institutional response that might have been avoided through careful party planning and monitoring.

The educational sanctions for such incidents may include, but are not limited to, the loss of the privilege to register future parties, referral to relevant educational programming that may carry a fee, an informational interview with a specified administrator, an unauthorized party fine per resident, and/or restitution for damages to college property resulting from activity associated with said party. The disciplinary status sanctions imposed may range from written warnings up to and including suspension or dismissal.

Any monetary charges associated with the party will be divided equally among the residents assigned to the residential units, or equally among the individuals found responsible for the party through judicial proceedings. Charges will be billed directly to individual student accounts. 


Students in college housing are not permitted to own or store outdoor grills. Outdoor grills are defined as grills that are charcoal, gas (propane) or camping (butane) grills. Students residing in village housing (excluding Elm Street and Firelands) may reserve a grill through the office of residential education within five business days prior to requested use. Please visit the office of residential education’s website to fill out the grill reservation form. Once you have completed the form, if you are approved and a grill is available, then a grill will be delivered to your housing unit for use. If any damage occurs to the grill while checked out, the resident who requested the grill will be financially liable for the cost to repair or replace the grill. There are a limited amount of grills available through the Office of Residential Education and they are available on a firstcome, firstreserved basis. Grills are only available for rent when classes are in session.  Any questions regarding the grill policy should be directed to the area coordinator for village housing.


a. Structure and Organization of House Council (Legislative)

By the end of the second week of classes, each college housing section should elect a treasurer and any other officers deemed necessary. Section presidents will represent their sections on the house council and will be responsible for calling meetings and seeing that the section responsibilities and business are carried out.

b. Responsibilities of Section Presidents/House Council Members

Sections are required to meet to discuss the needs and concerns of group living and to determine any regulations desired by the residents (quiet hours, visiting limitations, etc.). No such regulations voted by the sections may contravene published student regulations. Sections are encouraged to meet as often in the year as their needs dictate. Attendance of the entire section will be required when section regulations (as previously noted) are established or changed. Regulations adopted will require a three-quarters vote and will be cast by secret written ballot.

c. Section Enforcement and Appeal

The individual section will be responsible for the enforcement of the regulations it has established. If the section finds that individual members refuse to abide by the rules established, the section or the individual members may bring a formal complaint to one of the college judicial bodies, having sought the advice of the Judicial Coordinator as to the appropriate and available channels. Alternatively, any of the in-hall professional staff of the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services may be asked to act as intermediary. More formal avenues for mediation are also available. If behavior in a particular section disturbs other sections, the house council will request the section to respect the rights of others in the section. If the problem continues, a complaint should be brought to one of the higher judicial authorities.

d. Village Housing

In village housing, tenant boards may be created at the beginning of the fall semester by the village assistants with the assistance of the area coordinator. If you are interested in tenant boards, please speak with your assigned village assistant or the village housing area coordinator.