Policy for Academic Records

A. Academic Dates and Deadlines

All students are expected to follow academic dates and deadlines found in the events calendar at www.oberlin.edu or in the academic calendar available at www.oberlin.edu/regist.

B. Course Registration

1. All students currently studying on campus or expecting to return from a personal or academic leave are required to register for courses for the upcoming semester during November and April registration periods.

2. All students are also expected to complete the housing registration process.

3. Failure to register for courses during the appropriate registration period may result in withdrawal.

C. Enrollment

All students are expected to confirm that they have returned to campus through the online enrollment process in PRESTO.

D. Holds

A hold on a student’s record may occur due to:

1. Failure to return library materials; complete a required meeting with a class or academic dean; submit required health forms; declare a major on time; or complete the housing registration process;

2. Outstanding financial obligations;

3. An incomplete financial aid application; or

4. Pending judicial or honor code issues.

A hold on a student’s record may impact registration, enrollment, the receipt of a transcript, the receipt of a diploma at commencement, or marching at commencement.

E. Reinstatement

Any student returning from academic or judicial action, medical leave, or withdrawal must apply for reinstatement with Oberlin College. Complete procedures and policies are available at www.oberlin.edu/regist.

F. Transcripts

Official transcripts are available from the Office of the Registrar for $9.00. Requests for expedited handling are charged a fee of $30 (which includes the transcript and a FedEx fee).