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Working Group Reports

You are viewing an archive of Oberlin's 2005 Strategic Plan. To learn about Oberlin's current strategic planning process, visit new.oberlin.edu/strategic-plan.

From: Al MacKay, Chair, General Faculty Planning Committee

Date: March 17, 2006

Subject: March 1 reports from the six working groups plus the Conservatory of Music containing proposals for implementing the Strategic Plan

The six working groups are Curricular Pathways, Curricular Support, Build the Campus Community, Build and Support the Faculty, Internationalize Oberlin, and Environmental Sustainability.  They were established by the General Faculty Planning Committee early last fall and charged to develop proposals for implementing the strategic plan.  The proposals contained in these reports are fairly advanced working drafts, subject to revision and appropriate approvals.  They have not yet been evaluated for overall consistency, completeness, congruence, etc., nor for cost.  Some are more specific and definite than others.  Several require further research and development. The reports from the six Working Groups plus the Conservatory of Music are available for your perusal below.

The document is in PDF format, and is 51 pages. 

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