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Climbing Wall Rules & Policies

Minors Climbing at the Wall
Check-in Procedure
Climbing Fees
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Minors Climbing at the Wall

Those under 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before climbing.

Those under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times within the Oberlin College Recreation Center (a.k.a. Philips PE Center). We encourage parents to become involved with climbing and belaying: itís a great trust building activity!

Helmets are a good idea for children who might turn upside down due to body size and shape. Parents, please think twice before signing off on the helmet issue.

Those children too small to fit correctly into a harness will not be permitted to climb. Safety is our first priority.

Those under 14 are not allowed to belay. Those 14-18 must demonstrate rock solid skills before belaying.

Check-in Procedure

Every time you come to climb:

1) Please sign in legibly on the clipboard (numbers are important when asking for greater support!)

2) Leave OC ID or OCRC ID card with climbing wall supervisor who will check to confirm completed waiver, completed safety introduction and appropriate climbing card.

3) Sign out gear and acquire proper climbing card (red, yellow or green) from supervisor. Please attach climbing card to the harness.

4) Borrowing shoes? Have climbing shoe rental card punched OR pay the $1.00 fee to borrow a pair for the day. Shoes (either climbing wall or sneakers) must be wornóplease NO bare feet!

5) Climb safely. Challenge yourself and have fun!

6) Return gear to closet and hang in appropriate spot.

7) Spray shoes, tie shoestrings and rack correctly.

8) Donít forget to claim your ID.

Climbing Fees

All those who are not currently enrolled Oberlin College students (ie., Alumni, OC Employees and their immediate family members and current OCRC members) will be assessed a one time per academic year fee of $10.00 to climb at the Wall.

Please come prepared with your ID card and $10.00 (exact change is preferred).

Starting September 6, 2004, there will be a shoe rental fee of $1.00 per session. You can purchase a punch card for 25 sessions for $20.00 and thus save $5.00. Yes, climbing shoes or sneakers must be worn; barefoot climbing is not permitted.

These fees are minimal but will help pay for the replacement of gear in a timely manner, so critical for your safety: ropes (every four months or so), climbing shoes and hardware (carabiners and belay devices).

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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