The Social Justice Institute

New students arriving at Oberlin find themselves part of a culturally, economically, geographically, and racially diverse campus community. The Social Justice Institute is a two-day workshop, held during Orientation, that invites participants from widely different backgrounds and experiences to come together to explore multicultural issues at Oberlin and in the society at large.

SJI 2007

Sponsored by the Yeworkwha Belachew Center for Dialogue at Oberlin College (YBCD) under the auspices of the Ombuds Office, the Social Justice Institute explores issues of privilege and oppression, classism, heterosexism, racism, and sexism through a variety of activities including discussion, role-play, and highly interactive exercises.

The goal of the institute is to create a cohesive bond among participants, to help them integrate into the college community, and to foster the effective, concerned engagement with social issues that is so characteristic of Oberlin students.

Participation in the Social Justice Institute is limited to 150 students.

SJI - 2008