Academic Courses

Understanding the roots of conflict and how to create dialogue is a learning process that can take place both within and outside of the classroom. Taking courses from a variety of disciplinary perspectives focused on these issues can be beneficial to those interested in further understanding conflict resolution and peace and social justice work. It is with this in mind that members of YBCD recommend the following courses:

Course Title Professor
AAST 101 Intro to the Black Experience Millette
ANTH 278 Hum Rgts Univlsm & Cul Relativ Pineda
ANTH 416 Race & Racism Pineda
ARTS 070 Probs Narrative Contemp Figure Schuster
CAST 100 Intro Comparative Amer Studies Raimondo
CAST 311 Militarization Am Daily Life Perez
CRUR 237 Geographies of Displacement Matambo
ENVS 311 Environmental Justice Fortwangler
ECON 431 Sem: Water Resource Economics Suter
ENGL 436 Literature of the Dirty Wars O'Connor
HIST 393 Prejudice & Policy in Vic Brit Shull
HIST 342 Race, Gender & Am Soc Movement Lee
MENA 203 Modern Arab Thought Thomas
POLT 02 Intro to Internatl Relations Mani
POLT 122 Colloq: Israel-Palestine Confl Schiff
POLT 215 Ethnicity and Nationalism Markowitz
POLT 334 Theo Jstc & Dem in Cntmp Amer Wilson
POLT 217 Political Violence Markowitz
PSYC 430 Sem: Psyc of Social Conflict Frantz
RELG 244 Religion, War, & Peace Ethics Babyak
SOCI 277 Race and Ethnic Relations Baldoz