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Oberlin in the News - Spring 2005

May 2005
May 31--Local Paper Highlights Oberlin's Commencement Exercises
An article in today's Lorain Morning Journal featured a round-up of speakers and events from Oberlin College's 172nd commencement ceremony, which took place on Monday, May 30, 2005.

May 25--International Herald Tribune Includes Interview with Professor Richard Miller
Professor of Singing Richard Miller is featured in the current issue of the International Herald Tribune. The article addresses the pros and cons of visual imagery in the teaching of vocal technique. "What is often forgotten in the actual teaching of singing," Miller is quoted as saying, "is that the voice is an acoustic instrument and it is a physiological instrument, and it has to obey the laws of acoustics and the laws of physiology."

May 23--David Orr Featured in Daily American Online
In today's edition of the Daily American Online, Professor of Environmental Studies David Orr lends his voice to the debate against reality television, saying: "Over and over we profess our love for our children, but the evidence says otherwise. At an early age they are deposited in front of mind-numbing television and later in front of computers. And we are astonished to learn that they neither respect adults nor are equipped with the basic skills and aptitudes necessary to live responsible and productive lives."

May 22--Conservatory Grad Maria Duff '84 Returns to Lexington to Perform with Bluegrass Parkway
The current issue of the Lexington Herald-Leader features a story about Maria (Ketron) Duff '84, a classically trained double bassist who left the Conservatory behind when she married Australian fiddler Paul Duff. Now, Duff doubles as a teacher of Suzuki violin in Perth and a member of Bluegrass Parkway--the bluegrass band she formed with her husband in 1987.

May 18--Student Design Team Makes National Headlines
The Obies who won the Environmental Protection Agency's P3 Student Design Competition for Sustainability are making headlines with their low-cost data monitoring and display system, which generates real-time data on energy and water use in college dormitories. MSNBC, Earth Vision.net, Electric Net.com, and U.S. Newswire are among some of the publications who covered the competition, which included six other winning teams from colleges and universites across the nation.

May 18--USA Today Interviews Samantha Yarbrough '05
Like many of her classmates, Samantha Yarbrough '05 says she fears debt and joblessness more than another terrorist attack. Yarbrough was recently interviewed for a USA Today article about college graduates that incorporated statistics from a Partnership for Public Service survey.

May 16--Inside Higher Education.com Details President Dye's Historic Trip
Last year Nancy Dye became the first American college or university president in more than 25 years to visit Iran and meet with government and higher education officials to discuss reestablishing educational exchanges between the two countries. An article in today's Inside Higher Ed.com details Dye's proposal to send a student quartet to visit the leading music conservatory in Iran--an exchange she hopes will take place this coming fall. "We are trying to create a path, which currently does not exist, for more traffic between Iran and the United States in higher education," Dye says.

May 16--Congressional Professive Caucus Hires James W. Goold '75
A press release posted to Common Dreams.org announces the hire of James W. Goold '75 as the Congressional Progressive Caucus' first full-time policy advisor. Goold is a veteran of Capitol Hill, with more than 26 years of experience working in Congress for U.S. Congressmen Pease, George Brown, Bernie Sanders, Rush Holt, and U.S. Senator Tom Harkon. Goold has also served as Senior Policy Advisor in the International Affairs Department of the AFL-CIO and Deptuty Director for Global Programs in the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center.

May 15--James Zemaitis '90 Featured in New York Times
James Zemaitis '90, the 36-year-old head of Sotheby's 20th-century-design department, was featured in today's New York Times. Zemaitis, who is known as the "It Boy" of the booming 20th-century-design market, and his carefully edited sales have charmed veteran collectors and helped attract a new generation of buyers to the rarefied world of international auction houses..

May 15--Toledo Blade Reviews Obie's Latest Book
The Toledo Blade recently featured a review of Tevye's Grandchildren: Rediscovering a Jewish Identity, by Eleanor Mallet '65, calling it
an "intellectual and emotional trip by a modern Jewish woman committed to a multicultural world as she comes to grips with her ethnic, racial, and religious pasts, the better to fit under her own skin and into the American mainstream."

May 14--Voice of America Features Biography of Carl Rowan '47
Newspaper reporter and broadcast journalist Carl Rowan '47 was the featured biography on today's "People in America," a popular series produced by the international multimedia broadcasting service, Voice of America. The show's transcript is now available online at VOAnews.com.

May 12--Professor's Research Attracts Media Attention
Assistant Professor of Biology Marta Laskowski's research on the "exploding" bunchberry dogwood flower has attracted the media's attention. Originally published in the May 12 issue of Nature, Laskowski and her colleagues have found their work picked up by the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Guardian.

May 9--John Rother '69 Leads the Fight Against Social Security Reform
Today's New York Sun features an interview with John Rother '69, policy director and chief lobbyist for the AARP, and the force behind the group's loud, multimillion-dollar hard line against the president's proposed overhaul of Social Security.

May 9--Former Defensive Coordinator Ernest Jones to Coach at Central Michigan
According to Collegesports.com, former Oberlin College Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Baseball Coach Ernest Jones has been appointed the new assistant coach for Central Michigan University's football team.

May 9--Denyce Graves '85 Garners Praise for Title Role in Margaret Garner
Denyce Graves '85 recently performed the lead in the world premiere of Margaret Garner, an opera about pre-Civil War slavery by composer Richard Danielpour and librettist Toni Morrison. The opera, which debuted at the Detroit Opera House, was widely reviewed in the media, including the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, and the Toledo Blade.

May 4--Singer-Songwriter Jason Myles Goss '02 Proves His Staying Power with Chasing a Ghost
With the release of his second full-length CD Chasing a Ghost, singer-songwriter Jason Myles Goss '02 is receiving plenty of media attention. Goss, who cites fellow Obie Josh Ritter '99 as a musical influence, recently was interviewed by the Boston Herald for a feature-length article and has been given airtime on NPR's Acoustic Cafe.

May 2--First-Time Novelist Receives Favorable Reviews
The Plain Dealer published a favorable review of Jim Moriarty's first novel, Open Season. Moriarty, who graduated from Oberlin College in 1973, is also a writer for Golf Digest and Golf World magazines, as well as a sports photographer.

May 1--Rockford Register Star Interviews Ralf Hotchkiss '69
Today's edition of the Illinois Rockford Register Star features a profile on Ralf Hotchkiss '69, founder of Wheelchair Whirlwind International, a group that has designed and helped manufacture more than 50,000 low-cost wheelchairs for disabled people in Third World Countries.

May 1--Area's Best and Brightest Profiled by Northern Ohio Live
The current issue of Northern Ohio Live includes a list of the area's "Best and Brightest" undergraduate students. Mary Larew '05, a 2005 recipient of Great Britain's Marshall Scholarship, features prominently on the list. Larew is the fourth Oberlin student to win a Marshall Scholarship since 1990.

April 2005
April 29--Wall Street Journal Plugs Allen Memorial Art Museum
It's graduation season, and today's Wall Street Journal suggests that parents and students alike take time to visit an often-overlooked campus building - the museum. Oberlin College's Allen Memorial Art Museum tops the list of top-notch institutions, with "The Splendor of the Ruins in French Landscape Painting, 1630-1800" at the head of must-see exhibits.

April 29--W. Logan Fry '66 Offers Artists an Alternative Venue
After more than 1,000 Northeast Ohio artists had their work rejected by the jurors of the Cleveland Museum of Art's annual NEO show, W. Logan Fry '66 invited them to participate in an online exhibition titled Salon des NEO Refusés. Fry, the director of the Digital Museum of Modern Art, told the Plain Dealer, "The rejected artists include some of the best artists working in Northeast Ohio today." The exhibition is scheduled to run July 8 through Septmeber 4, during the same period as the NEO Show.

April 26--Orchestra's Performance Receives Praise from Local Paper
The Oberlin Chamber Orchestra's weekend performance at Severance Hall in Cleveland was greeted with positive reviews by the Plain Dealer.

April 24--Professors Join National Campaign to Combat Soaring Textbook Prices
Professors of Physics and Astronomy John Scofield and Bruce Richards were interviewed for an article in today's Columbus Dispatch. The two professors have joined forces with more than 700 faculty members from 150 schools across the United States in a campaign to stop the unneccessary revision of expensive textbooks.

April 24--Local Social Worker Lands Top Billing in Lorain Morning Journal
Helene Stone '61, an independent social worker with the Lorain County Office on Aging, was the topic of a recent article in the Lorain Morning Journal. Stone, who transferred to Oberlin from Wellesley College in 1961, also teaches an introduction to social work class at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio.

April 24--Synagogue Project Puts the Spotlight on Mudd Library
The current edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times features an article on the Zabludow Synagogue Project. The project, developed by art historians Laura and Rick Brown, is now on display in Oberlin College's Mudd Library and will be shown in other parts of the United States later this year.

April 22--Derek Lee Ragin '80 Returns to Northeast Ohio to Perform at CMA
Countertenor Derek Lee Ragin's recent performance at the Cleveland Museum of Art received a positive review from Plain Dealer Music Critic Wilma Salisbury. Ragin, who graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 1980, returned to Northeast Ohio with the baroque ensemble Rebel to perform as part of the CMA's Gala Series.

April 18--John Bucher Interviewed by Chronicle-Telegram
The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram recently interviewed John Bucher, director of the College's center of information technology, about the pirating of music downloads on college campuses across the nation.

April 18--David Orr Lecture Broadcast on Free Speech Network
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies David Orr recently appeared as a keynote speaker on the Free Speech Network, during a program titled "Getting Political, Going Global."

April 18--Cleveland Jewish News Interviews History Professor
The Cleveland Jewish News recently interviewed Professor of History Carl Zimring, author of the forthcoming book Cash For Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America, for an article about Cleveland's scrap business.

April 16--Obie Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Minneapolis
Green Party candidate Farheen Hakeem '97, who is running for the mayor of Minneapolis, was recently interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Hakeem, a Chicago native, received her bachelor's degree in mathematics from Oberlin College and is currently employed by the Riverton Community Housing Trust, which aims to develop student housing cooperatives.

April 16--Organist Receives Rave Reviews from Plain Dealer
Olivier Latry's recent performance at Oberlin College received rave reviews in Cleveland's Plain Dealer. Latry, titular organist of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, performed as part of the College's Artist Recital Program.

April 15--Boston Herald Interviews Tanya Maggi '93
Tanya Maggi '93, the director of performance outreach at the New England Conservatory of Music, was interviewed for an article in today's Boston Herald.

April 13--Cleveland Scene Features Article on Hip-Hop Conference
This week's edition of Cleveland Scene magazine features an article about Oberlin College's Hip Hop Confence, as well as a schedule of events and activities.

April 11--Two New Exhibitions at AMAM Make Headlines
The Allen Memorial Art Museum is making headlines with two new exhibitions, "The Splendor of the Ruins" and "Jim Dine, some drawings." Both of these shows have received media attention from the Plain Dealer, the Akron Beacon Journal, and on ArtDaily.com.

April 8--Obie's Fight to Keep Lake Michigan Clean Applauded
Today's Chicago Sun-Times recognizes Karen Schapiro '80 for her long--and thus far unpaid--battle to keep Milwaukee's raw sewage out of Lake Michigan and its tributaries. Schapiro, a graduate of Northwestern University Law School, has been named a "Leader in the Law" by the Wisconsin Law Journal and will recive an award from the Chicago-based Lake Michigan Federation in June.

April 6--Obie Receives Fellowship from Academy for Alternative Journalism
Derek Schleenein '03 has received a fellowship from the Academy for Alternative Journalism that will allow him to attend a summer residency program at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Schleenein, a freelance writer for the Ithaca Times, the Ithaca Journal, Buzz Magazine, and the Detroit Metro News, is one of 10 applicants from a pool of 556 to receive the coveted fellowship.

April 6--Cleveland Scene Announces New Exhibit at AMAM
This week's edition of Cleveland Scene magazine features a capsule review of the Allen Memorial Art Museum's newest exhibition, The Splendor of the Ruins.

April 4--Peggy Orenstein '83 Lectures at University of Pennsylvania
Peggy Orenstein '83, author of FLUX: Women on Sex, Work, Love, Kids, & Life in a Half-Changed World, recently spoke at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadephia. The university's student newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian, ran a story about Orenstein's campus visit after-the-fact.

April 4--Adam Moss '79 Leads New York Magazine to Journalistic Success
Today's New York Times contains a feature article on Adam Moss '79, editor in chief of New York Magazine. Under Moss's leadership, the magazine has enjoyed journalistic success, receiving three nominations for a National Magazine award.

April 3--Former Basketball Star Ann Gilbert '91 Coaches Michigan State
A brief article in today's Plain Dealer recognized former Oberlin College basketball head coach and star player Ann Marie Gilbert '91 as the lead assistant coach for Michigan State, which plays Tennesse tonight in the women's NCAA Final Four.

April 1--Alumni Featured in Medicine at Michigan Article
Tom Gelehrter '57 and Wendy Uhlmann '83, genetic counselors at the University of Michigan's Medical Genetics Clinic and faculty members in the Department of Human Genetics, were featured in a recent Medicine at Michigan article, "Where the Genetics Revolution Meets the Patient."

March 2005
March 27--Conservatory Grad Releases Debut CD

When Pyeng Threadgill's (OC '99) debut CD, Sweet Home: The Music of Robert Johnson, was issued the same week as Eric Clapton's collection of Johnson covers dropped, the Conservatory graduate didn't get upset. Instead, she's been enjoying the attention of the New York Times, Downbeat and Jazz Times magazines, booking new gigs, and sitting down for a lengthy inteview with her hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle.

March 26--Plain Dealer Announce's Nancy Dye's Honorary Degree
Today's Plain Dealer reports that Nancy Dye, president of Oberlin College, recently received an honorary degree from Obirin University in suburban Tokyo.

March 26--San Francisco Chronicle Interviews Malaika Edwards '97
Malaika Edwards '97, co-founder of West Oakland's People's Grocery (a mobile grocery store that sells affordable organic foods and produce at 10 West Oakland locations) has received the Bay Area's Jefferson Award. Today's San Franciso Chronicle features an interview with Edwards that talks about her efforts to bring natural and affordable foods into her community, as well as teach young people about food, proper nutrition, and cooking skills.

March 25--Plain Dealer Praises Pacifica Quartet's Oberlin Appearance
The Pacifica Quartet's recent performance at Oberlin College received rave reviews from Plain Dealer MusicCcritic Don Rosenberg. Two members of the quarter, Simin Ganantra '95 and Sibbi Bernhardsson '95, graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

March 24--Houston Chronicle Interviews Folk Singer Joe Hickerson '57
Today's Houston Chronicle features a story on folk singer/folk-culture archivist Joe Hickerson '57. Hickerson served as head of the Archive of Folk Culture at the Library of Congress before his retirement, and has worked as a research consultant for the films O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Cold Mountain. He also shares songwriting credits with folk legend Pete Seeger for the folk anthem Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

March 23--Idaho's Small-Town Crooner Interviewed by Boise Weekly
In a recent article for the Boise Weekly, writer Ryan Peck dubs up-and-coming folk singer Josh Ritter '99 as "Idaho's small-town crooner" and talks with the Moscow, Idaho native about the other small-town crooners who have affected his music.

March 21--Ed Helms '96 Talks about The Daily Show
Ed Helms '96, senior correspondent for Comedy Central's The Daily Show, recently was interviewed by The Day.com (New London, Connecticut). During the interview, Helms--who is also the voice behind ads for Doritos, Burger King, and the asthma medicine Advair--revealed the difference between smart comedy and "the stupid stuff."

March 20--Newsday Interviews Bill Irwin '73
Today's edition of Newsday.com features an interview with Bill Irwin '73. Irwin, whose credentials include numerous Tony awards, has been tapped to play the battling, boozy George in the first Broadway revival of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in 30 years.

March 20--Getting the Most Bang for Your Musical Buck in Malaysia
The Malaysia Star recently interviewed Johan Awang Othman '97, head of the music department at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). In the article, Othman, who received his BMus from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and his Masters of Music from Yale University, discussed the benefits of studying music at USM rather than attending a private college or studying overseas.

March 19--Oberlin's Jazz Dance Festival Makes Headlines
Oberlin's first annual Jazz Dance Festival received press coverage in the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. The festival, hosted by the Oberlin Swing Society, included dance workshops taught by some of the world's top dancers from Los Angeles, Stockhom, Las Vegas, and Denver, and a formal dance with live music performed by bands from across the country.

March 19--Oberlin's Sustainable Community Associates Seek to Revitalize Town
Today's Morning Journal featured an article on Ben Ezinga '01, Josh Rosen '01, and Naomi Sable '02, members of the Sustainable Community Associates of Oberlin. After years of planning, the group has proposed a $15 million dollar project to revitalize part of downtown Oberlin. The preliminary design, which has been well-received by the Oberlin Planning Commission, includes housing units for low- to moderate-iincome levels, as well as restaurants, stores, and other independent businesses.

March 18--San Francisco Chronicle Interviews Local Obies
An article in today's San Francisco Chronicle traces the musical growth and development of Sheryl Kaskowitz '95, who--along with Joanna Silver '95--formed the Bay-area a cappella group Solstice. The group has released two recordings; the first in 2000 (Solstice) and the second in 2004 (Full Circle).

March 16--JoAnne Richards '67 and Allison Falendar '00 Publish Research Findings
Dr. JoAnne S. Richards '67 and Dr. Allison Falendar '00 were recently featured on the Baylor College of Medicine web site. Richards, a professor of molecular and cellular biology, and Falender, who recently completed graduate work in Richards' lab, have discovered a protein that regulates gene expression in the testes of mice and affects their ability to produce sperm. According to Richards, further study may indicate whether this protein also affects the fertility of human men.

March 16--Recent Conservatory Graduate Heads to Texas for SXSW Festival
Today's Plain Dealer includes an article on Matt Mehlan '04 and his band the Skeletons, who are heading to the 19th annual South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference and festival this weekend in Austin, Texas. Mehlan, who graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music with a degree in music technology, and his bandmates are due to release a new CD of their music this June.

March 16--Jesse Kipp '04 Featured in Recent San Francisco Weekly
The current edition of the San Francisco Weekly features a lengthy article on Jesse Kipp '04, who is carving out a unique niche for himself as a "planner's videographer" at the top San Francisoc advertising firm of Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners. Kipp, who graduated from Oberlin with a degree in cinema studies, uses his video camera as an inventive market research tool--recording the lives of target audience members and using the information he gathers to create new advertising campaigns for the firm's clients.

March 15--Akron-Beacon Journal Covers Ben and Jerry's E.J. Thomas Hall Lecture
Jerry Greenfield '73 and his business partner Ben Cohen were in Akron today, sharing their success story with approximately 1,400 people at E.J. Thomas Hall. The Beacon-Journal covered the lecture, during which the founders of the $200 million ice-cream empire stressed that it was possible to run a values-led business and make money at the same time.

March 13--Plain Dealer Previews Oberlin's Marriage of Figaro
An article in today's Plain Dealer featured an interview with legendary conductor Eve Queler, who recently directed a production of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Queler is the founder of the Opera Orchestra of New York, as well as the first women to be engaged by a major orchestra as head conductor.

March 13--BASN Investigates the Life of Moses Fleetwood Walker
The Black Athlete Sports Network (BASN) recently featured an article on Moses Fleetwood Walker, who graduated from Oberlin College in 1884. Walker, who was known as one of the finest bare-handed catchers of his time, was the first African American man to play baseball in the major leagues before the color line was established.

March 11--Pennsylvania's House Proposes Resolution to Honor Fanny Jackson Coppin
According to the Capitol Notes section of the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, several members of the House have proposed a resolution to rename March 6 - 12 "Fanny Jackson Coppin Week" in Pennsylvania. Coppin earned a bachelor's degree from Oberlin College in 1865, making her one of the first African American women to earn a degree from an American college.

March 10--David Rees Gets His War On For the Harvard Crimson
An article about comic genius David Rees '94 recently appeared in Harvard's student newspaper, The Crimson. Rees gained cult hero status after the publication of Get Your War On, a comic strip that uses clip art and profanity to poke fun at current political figures and events.

March 7--Plain Dealer Reviews Guest Pianist's Recent Recital
Today's edition of the Plain Dealer published a favorable review of Russell Sherman's recent Oberlin recital. In addition to this performance, the pianist--who is an artist-in-residence at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston--taught several master classes during his campus visit.

March 7--Conservatory Student Participates in Local Competition
Christopher Riggs '07, who is studying classical guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, recently took third place in the Louis E. Emsheimer Memorial Music Competition for his performance of Richard Wernick's "Da'ase." The competition, sponsored by Cleveland Hillel, was covered by the Cleveland Jewish News.

March 6--Obie Launches Business to Help Struggling Writers
Today's Florida's Sun Herald includes a feature story on James Abraham '78, a former journalist-turned-book-broker who recently launched an editing and marketing business to help struggling writers publish their books and market them successfully.

March 4--Advice Columnist Suggest Oberlin as College Choice
Syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson advised a young reader torn between Harvard and Yale to ignore her parent's advice and "go to Oberlin." Dickinson's column can be read in papers across the nation, including the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.

March 4--Local Newspaper Names Professor One of Cleveland's "World-Class People"
The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Friday Magazine mentions Oberlin College Professor of Creative Writing Dan Chaon in their recent list of Cleveland's "world-class people." Chaon is the author of Among the Missing, a collection of short stories, and the novel You Remind Me of Me.

March 3--Obie Appointed Medical Director of BioGenex Laboratories, Inc.
A press release posted online at Yahoo! Financial News announced that Dr. Jeffrey S. Ross '66 has been appointed medical director of BioGenex Laboratories, Inc. As medical director, Ross will serve as a consultant to BioGenex in the areas of on-slide routine and molecular genetic testing and will conduct collaborative research at the Albany Medical Center for the discovery and development of new biomarkers for cancer patients.

March 2--Conservatory Students Make Headlines in the Washington Post
Today's edition of the Washington Post contained an article about the Kennedy Center's Conservatory Project, which recently showcased seven students from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music performing on the center's Terrace Theater stage.

March 1--Innovative Artist Takes the Stage in Finney Chapel
Today's Plain Dealer included a review of Meredith Monk's recent performance at Oberlin College, where the advantage singer, composer, and choreographer wooed the audience with her innovative talent.

February 2005
February 28--Geological Society of America Honors Obie Mary Sue Burns '77
Mary Sue Burns '77 recently received one of the Geological Society of America's Outstanding Earth Science Teacher of 2004 awards. Burns, a high-school teacher in Marlinton, West Virginia, was praised for her "...ability to transform geoscience learning experiences into classroom experiences for both her chemistry and general science students." All the recipients of this year's awards were announced in a recent edition of the Journal of Geoscience Education.

February 28--Oberlin Dance Collective Debuts New Work by Brenda Way
Brenda Way, founder of the Oberlin Dance Collective, debuted her newest dance On a Train Heading South at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco Last week. Inside the Bay Area reporter Leslie Katz reviews the performance, which way describes as a "dance about global warming...and the impending doom caused by polar ice caps melting."

February 27--Plain Dealer Announces Russell Sherman's Residency at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Russell Sherman's upcoming residency at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music was announced in today's Plain Dealer. The 75 year-old pianist, who teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music, has also scheduled a public recital of Liszt's "Reminiscences de Don Juan" during his stay in Oberlin.

February 25--Obie to Screen Short Film at Cleveland International Film Festival
Today's Plain Dealer announced that Kimi Takesue '90 will screen her short film Summer of the Serpent at this year's Cleveland International Film Festival.

February 24--Conservatory Professor Interviewed on WCRF 103.3 FM
Professor of Viola Peter Slowik was interviewed on WCRF radio (103.3 FM) this afternoon. During the interview, Slowik fielded questions about the Oberlin Credo Chamber Music Association, a 14-day summer program for college-age students that combines music with community service.

February 19--Plain Dealer Offers Oberlin's Baroque Orchestra a Rave Review
A recent review in the Plain Dealer called the Oberlin Baroque Orchestra's February 17th performance in Finney Chapel strong and emotional, with "...soft moments of quiet and a flavorful range of timbres produced by period instruments. The orchestra was conducted by Jeannette Sorrell, music director of Apollo's Fire.

February 18--Meredith Monk Brings World of Culture to Oberlin
Internationally-renowned composer, singer, and director/choreographer Meredith Monk's week-long residency at Oberlin College, as well as her public performances, were announced in the Morning Journal's Friday Arcade.

February 16--Oberlin's Historical Anti-Slavery Documents on Display during Black History Month
The Columbus Dispatch interviewed Ed Vermue, Oberlin College's head of special collections and preservation, about the 2,200 historical books, journals, and pamphlets within the College's archives that focus on slavery and abolitionism. The article coincided with a lecture Vermue gave on Oberlin's anti-slavery collection for Black History Month.

February 15--Professor's Essay Tackles the State of the Republican Party
The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party, an essay by Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies David Orr appeared in the February issue of the Marin County Coastal Post Online. The essay, which examines the extreme right's denial of climate change and ecological deterioration, was originally printed by CommonDreams.org in January.

February 14--BBC News Profiles Victor Wong '01
Victor Wong '01 and two of his colleagues at Cornell University have created a software application that can turn the colors on a weather map into musical notes. An article in today's BBC News World Edition details how Wong, who has been blind since the age of seven, developed the technology in order to "read" the maps and continue his research.

February 14--Cleveland Jewish News Praises Oberlin Hillel
An article in this week's Cleveland Jewish News praised members of Oberlin Hillel for their efforts to promote religious, social, and cultural co-existence on campus. The student group received an honorable mention for outstanding programming from Hillel International at the organization's annual conference this past December.

February 7--Conservatory Teacher Featured in Recent New Yorker
The current issue of The New Yorker (Feb. 7) features an article on the Cleveland Orchestra by Charles Michener that quotes Oberlin Conservatory Teacher of Double Bass Scott Haigh, a member of the orchestra for 26 years: "Sometimes Franz [Welser-Möst] under-conducts and we're not quite sure what to do. It can get a little scary. But he's trying to bring a joyousness to the sound that I like very much....When he looks at you, he invites you to play."

February 6--Obie's Newest Collection of Essays Reviewed Online
Today's Oregonian includes a review of The Orphans, a new collection of essays by Charles D'Ambrosio '82. D'Ambrosia, who also wrote The Point and Other Stories, is a creative writing teacher in the Pacific Northwest.

February 2--Professor Directs Play at Cleveland's Karamu House
Associate Professor of Theater and Dance Caroline Jackson Smith is praised by the Plain Dealer for her careful and caring direction of Johnnie Taylor is Gone, a world-premiere play on stage now at Cleveland's Karamu Performing Arts Theatre.

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