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Oberlin in the News - Summer 2008

June 2008
June 20, 2008 -- A Study in Survival (Chronicle of Higher Education
Today's students face the first truly worldwide environmental challenge –“balancing the carbon budget” –and colleges need to prepare them, writes John Petersen, director of Oberlin’s environmental studies program. In “A Green Curriculum Involves Everyone on the Campus” Petersen says we must “provide our students with the knowledge and experience necessary to accomplish that challenging task” inside the classroom and out.

June 20, 2008  -- Entrepreneurship 101: Not Just for Business School Anymore
(Chronicle of Higher Education
Subtitled “In unlikely academic fields, a foundation sows the seeds of creating and sustaining an enterprise,” the article lays out the growing national interest in teaching students the principles and practices of entrepreneurship and uses graduating senior Nick Winter’s experience in the College’s Creativity and Leadership program as an example of how the seeds can bear fruit.

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