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Paula Baymiller, administrative assistant in the Art Library, holds part of Three Visions, by Rosalie Fanshel, a senior from Sebastopol, California. One of the things Baymiller likes about this book is that it involves several pieces that fit together in a kind of package.




Art Library Celebrates Clarence Ward’s Birthday with Display of Artists Books by Oberlin Students

Photographs and text by Linda Grashoff


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MARCH 8, 2001-- Sunday, March 11, would be the 117th birthday of Clarence Ward, founder of Oberlin's art library, former chair of the art department, and first director of the Allen Memorial Art Museum. The Oberlin College Art Library is celebrating with a display--up now--of art books created by students who enrolled in last semester's Reimagining the Book, a class taught by Nanette Yanuzzi-Macias, associate professor of art.

The library staff is decorating the library for a birthday party tomorrow, as it decorated for the event held last year. The party starts at 2:00 with an open-book hour, when visitors can pick up and handle most of the books. At 3:00 the books' creators will give a gallery talk, each talking about her own book. A reception, with food, begins at 4:00 in the Seminar Room of the Allen Art Building; at 4:30 three books will be announced as Best of Show.

The books are on display now through May 27.

Not all the books can be picked up. This untitled work by Anne Slattery, a senior from Maribel, Wisconsin, is made with heavy stone slabs.

Julia Rosenberg, a senior from Berkeley, California created her untitled book from wood, fabric, upholstery tacks, acrylic paint, ribbon, wire, beads, scraps of paper, and other materials.





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