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Varuni Tiruchelvam '00 worked with the environmental study center's Living Machine this summer.



Energy Performance: How Is the Environmental Studies Center Doing?

By Linda Grashoff


OCTOBER 26, 2000--How much energy is the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies using, compared to other buildings and to its designers' projections? Two presentations will look at the building in back-to-back format tonight. At 7:30 John Scofield, associate professor of physics, will deliver "Energy Use for the Adam Joseph Lewis Center—Prospects for Exporting Energy." At 8:30 Russell Perry, managing partner at William McDonough + Partners, architects of the building, will deliver "A Building That Learns: The Performance Trajectory of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center." Both talks will be in the center's Hallock Auditorium. The talks are intended for a general audience. The question and answer session to follow will include responses by Ron Perkins, president and CEO of Supersymetry USA, energy consultants for the building.





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