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Silence=Death poster

Silence=Death, a 1986 poster by the Silence=Death Project, is one of the art works that Stephan Jost will talk about tomorrow.




AMAM Curator to Show How Artists Respond to HIV/AIDS Pandemic

By Stephan Jost


NOVEMBER 30, 2000--Since HIV/AIDS emerged as a pandemic in the early 1980s, artists have developed strategies to document and respond to the illness and its social impact. As the demographics of the pandemic change, more and different communities are affected, and artists from around the world are reacting.

I will give a talk—AIDS, Artists, and the Challenges Posed by the Changing Pandemic—on the subject tomorrow, December 1, at 4:30 in Classroom 1 of the Art Building.

The talk will be an accessible and general introduction to the topic of AIDS and the visual arts. I will start by showing how the popular media portrayed HIV/AIDS in a reactionary and ill-considered manner during the 1980s. I will continue by showing the work of political-activist collectives such as ACT UP and Grand Fury, who have worked to promote AIDS awareness and push for a progressive social agenda.

Next, I will introduce the work of important independent artists working in the field, including Nan Goldin, Robert Mapplethorpe, Peter Hujar, David Wojnarowicz, and Felix Gonzales-Torrez. I will end by showing relevant art by people who are working in Africa, the area now most affected by HIV/AIDS.





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