Old Reading

Some technical, some less so.

Links may break; please forgive my not fixing them.

Looking for the spark of a pandemic
A phase transition in the random transposition random walk
Several ways of looking at election returns: a purple map, a purple cartogram, a 3-D map, by numerical margins, turnout change, etc..
What happened to Grothendieck
The Cube Recurrence
Not even 25,00 genes?
Dimers and Dominoes
Could lattice theory actually save lives? (more)
Sampling regular graphs and a peer-to-peer network
Recent common ancestors (more)
Birth control for giants
Addicted to coffee?
Prove or Disprove. 100 Conjectures from the OEIS (track status)
Cartograms via diffusion (more)
New Bounds on the Number of Representations of t as a Binomial Coefficient (paper A8)
A Sadistic Angel
How do cicadas count to 17, and why?
Where Grothendieck came from
Reactivating 1918 flu viruses—or their genes, at least
Is the Voynich manuscript a hoax? (more) (more)
Physical cryptanalysis (this too)
Winning quick and dirty: the greedy random walk
Who's afraid of the Riemann hypothesis? (more)
Random Cayley Graphs are Expanders: a Simple Proof of the Alon-Roichman Theorem
The Rule of 12 Bonks
Nobel prize winner or TV critic?
Probabilistic bounds on the coefficients of polynomials with only real zeros
Is your iPod random, or just out to get you?

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