Friends of the London Program


The London Program is supported by generous gifts from alumni and friends, which provide crucial programming support and financial aid to needy students. We are deeply grateful for gifts of any amount, and all gifts are tax-deductible. To make sure a gift is properly credited, you should designate it for the "Oberlin-in-London Program Endowed Support Fund." Information for giving online or by mail may be found here. Many thanks for whatever you can do to help!


2013 Donations

Karen Bayne '88 (in honor of Mrs. Carolyn Bayne)
Carolyn Broadwell-Tkach '06
Barry Eisenberg '81
Lauren Flicker '04
Anne Hatch '85
Willa Henigman '87
Hue Huynh '93 and Paul Abrahamse
David Krischer ’78 and Margaret Nelson ’79
Professor Robert Longsworth and Carol Longsworth
Emily Miranker '08 (in honor of Professor John Olmsted and Gwyneth Love)
Peter Nicholson '91
Mike Nolan
Jerome O'Neill '91
Nick Randell '87
Lan Sasa '04
David ('82) and Rachel Wong Schlesinger (in honor of Professor Marc Blecher)
Colin Smith '04
Kimberly Irvin Snow '90
Karl Spielmann '92
Robin Tillotson '81
Professor David Walker '72
Amelia Sams ('05) and Samuel Whittington '04


2012 Donations

Betsy Ami ‘88
Rachel Auerbach ‘05
Karen Bayne ‘88
Jennifer Breen ‘94
William (’70) and Bethel (’71) Breen
Pete Chambers ‘05
Elizabeth Chur ‘92
Emiko Custer
James (’86) and Sara (’95) Farnsworth
Ruth Feingold ‘87
Lauren Flicker ‘04
Carol Ganzel (in memory of Professor Dewey Ganzel)
Leslie Goldman ‘99
Janet Graber '84
Professors Phyllis Gorfain and Bruce Richards ‘61
Camilla Haase ‘71
Anne Hatch ‘85
Hue Huynh ‘93 and Paul Abrahamse
Peter (’88) and Sookjwa (’88) Ihm
Lauren Jacobs ‘00
Judy Karasik ’75 and Steve Rosenfeld
Doctors Donald and Jean Kennerly
David Krischer ’78 and Margaret Nelson ’79
Kelli M. Lane ‘96
Carolyn Hirschman Levine ’82
Jeffrey Lunden ‘80
Emily Miranker ’08
Ellen Montgomery ‘01
Margaret Nichols ‘77
Peter Nicholson ‘91
Mike Nolan
Enrique Ramirez ‘97
Nick Randell ’87
Andrea Rankin ’89 and Philip Hohenlohe
Colin Smith ‘04
Kimberly Irvin Snow ’90
Joel Speerstra ’89
Tisha Turk ’95
Matthew Utterback ’95 and Danielle Stillman ’94
William (’87) and Susan (’87) Vodrey
Professor Steven Volk and Dinah Volk
Samuel Weisberg ‘02
Adam Werner ’92
Lynne Wilson ’93 and Andrew Myhrum


Donations through 2011

The Estate of Mary Ann Danenberg

Gregory Acker ‘84
Mirla Agnir ‘85
Kathryn Aikin ’87 and Dan Gross
David Allen ‘84
Mary Alt ’91 and Arthur Woolf
Betsy Ami ‘88
Elizabeth Amon ‘90
Gwendolyn Anderson ‘07
Christopher Anderson ’87 and Linda Reeder ‘88
Bernetta Avery-DeNyse ‘93 and Gavin DeNyse
Peter Baskette ’92 and Molly Phinney
Karen Bayne ‘88
Chloe Bird ‘86 and Allen Fremont
Professor Marc Blecher and Sharon Blecher
Quinlan Bowman ‘05
William (’70) and Bethel (’71) Breen
Peter Buchman ’89 and Jolene Hjerleid
Joanna Callner ‘79
Santha Cassell ’87 and Michael Callahan
Peter Chambers ‘05
Tracy Chevalier ’84 and Jonathan Drori
Christine Clarke ‘04
Carin Clevidence ‘89
Caroline Coade ‘88
Professor Randolph Coleman and Rebecca Cross
Daniel Cox ‘05
Paul Cox ’92 and Kirsten Docter ‘92
Emiko Custer (in memory of Professor Ronald Casson)
Stephen Daggett ’85 and Melissa Foltz
Gabrielle Dean ‘89
Terry Decima ‘64
Andrew Deppe ’85 and Stephen Weiser
Edward Derby ’87 and Caitlin Scott ‘88
Whitney (’87) and Larry Dilley
Kyl Dinsio ’00 and Jason Trump ‘00
Johanna Dorn ‘03
Jerry (‘49) and Betty (‘49) Downs
Casey Dreier ‘05
Michael Duffy ’80 and Demetra Lambros ‘82
John Durkalski ‘05 and Ilana Solomon ‘03
Krista Egger ‘04
Barry Eisenberg ‘81
Mark Elder ’78 and Kirsten Speidel ‘86
Ellen Endslow ‘87
Gregory Engel ‘06
Nicholas Evans ‘89
James (’86) and Sara (’95) Farnsworth
Holly Fechner ’85 and Kevin Mills ‘83
Ruth Feingold ‘87
Christopher (‘80) and Athena Flint
Sze Foong ‘99
Joshua Fraimow ‘84
Tracy Freireich-Andreassi ‘85
Michelle Gammer ’77 and Andy Salter
Professor Dewey Ganzel and Carol Ganzel
Elizabeth Gelner ‘02
Emily Gephart ’91 and James Rippie ‘89
Theresa Gheen ‘95
Laura Goldman ‘90
Professors Phyllis Gorfain and Bruce Richards ‘61
Therese Govern ‘83
Janet Graber ‘84
Meghan Grammer ‘04
Miriam Greenlees ’05 (in honor of Iris Hunt)
Harriet Gugenheim Rogers ’91 and Ben Rogers
Camilla Haase ‘71
Abigail Harkey ‘00
Daniel Harsha ‘04
Marla Hassner ‘85
Adam Heintz ‘99
Janet Heller ’71
Alexander Hill ‘04
Catherine Bahlke Hornstein ’84 and Robert Hornstein
Teresa Heinz Housel ‘94
Hue Huynh ‘93 and Paul Abrahamse
Andrew Innes ‘92
Lauren Jacobs ‘00
Paul Jaskunas ‘94
Professor Nicholas Jones and Sue Jones ‘70
Judy Karasik ’75 and Steve Rosenfeld
Sue Keane ’80 and John Adams ‘80
Ronald Kershner ‘60
David Krischer ’78 and Margaret Nelson ‘79
Gabriel Langfur ’91 and Deborah Boldin
Professors Carol Lasser and Gary Kornblith
Millys Lee ‘92
Douglas Legg ‘84
Stephanie Letson ‘90
Carolyn Hirschman Levine ’82 and Zachary Levine
Robert C. Levy ’94 and Deborah Levy
Robert J. Levy ‘95
Professor Katherine Linehan and Glenn Loafmann
Linda Lipkin ’84 and Sharon Feigenbaum (in honor of Professors Phyllis Gorfain, Katherine Linehan, Carol Tufts, David Walker, and Sandra Zagarell)
Dan (’75) and Cheryl Lloyd (in honor of Professor David Young)
Daniel London ‘95
Professor Robert Longsworth and Carol Longsworth
Gwyneth Love
Avery Lozada ‘88
Jeffrey Lunden ‘80
Benjamin (’03) and Stacey (’03) Lutkoski
Peter Lutkoski ‘99
Robin Lyon ‘04
Elizabeth Macaluso ‘05
Donna May ‘84 and George Flores
Professor Albert McQueen ‘52
Samuel Medina ‘97
Nancy Mendelsohn ‘05
Laura Miller ’85 and Kent Leonard
Emily Miranker ’08 (in honor of Professors Phyllis Gorfain and John Olmsted)
Ellen Montgomery ‘01
Michael Morse ’88 (in memory of Leo Millar ‘88)
Marianne Neuman ‘82 and John Gilday
Barbara Newman ’75 and Richard Kieckhefer
Peter Nicholson ‘91
Mike and Jill Nolan
Margaret O'Connell ’93 (in honor of Professors Randolph Coleman, Nicholas Jones, and Gwyneth Love)
Kristen Schultz Oliver ’98 and David Oliver
Joshua (’02) and Anique (’02) Olivier-Mason
Elizabeth Olson ’87 and Eric Jensen
Jerome O'Neill ‘91
Peggy Orenstein ‘83 and Steven Okazaki
Samuel Payne ’88 and Sandra Feusi
Professor John Pearson and Audra Skuodas
Professor Carl Peterson
David (’87) and Heidi Plotkin
Alison Pruitt ’88 and Fred Young
Lakshmi Ramakrishnan ‘99
Enrique Ramirez ‘97
Nicholas (’87) and Elizabeth Randell
Andrea Rankin ’89 and Philip Hohenlohe
Jane (’61) and Donald (’60) Rankin
Benjamin (’86) and Devora (’90) Reiss
Peter Rosenthal ’90 (in memory of Professor Thomas Linehan)
Kathleen Rowland ‘07
Anastasia Roy ‘03
Paul Russell ‘78
Joshua Rutkoff ’93 and Lynn Amores ‘95
Lan Sasa ‘04
David (’82)  and Rachel Wong Schlesinger (in honor of Gwyneth Love)
Bethany Schneider ’93 and Kate Thomas
Karen Seif ‘89
Matthew Sharpe ‘84 (in honor of Professors Roger Copeland and Phyllis Gorfain)
Ian Sherman ‘99
Laura Silver ’83 and Jeff Hertzberg
Kimberly Irvin Snow ’90 and Mark Snow
Victoria Solan ’94 and Daniel Trutt
Peter (‘58) and Hannah Sommer
Professors Richard Spear and Athena Tacha
Joel Speerstra ‘89
Adam Steinberg ‘94
William Stevenson ‘85
Ellyn Stewart ’98 and Joseph Bonomo
Douglas Still ‘88
Juliet Stumpf ’89 and Eric Miller ‘88
James Sunshine ‘46
Simona Supekar ‘00
Cliff Thompson ’85 and Amy Peck ‘84
Professors Janice Thornton and Michael Loose
Matthew Tierney ‘88
Robin Tillotson ‘81
Tisha Turk ‘95
Katherine C. Turnbull ‘79 and Daniel Bergman ’79 (in memory of Professor Dewey Ganzel)
Judith Underwood ’88 and Ian Gent
Alan Ungaro and Jacqueline Grela
Clara Van Zanten ‘01
Professor Steven Volk and Dinah Volk
Danika (’98) and Gordon Waddell
Martha Wade (’85) and Michael Ost
Professor David Walker ‘72
Peter Washington ‘98
Mary Watters
Shannon Wearing ‘99
Michael Weaver ‘84 and Monica Woelfel
Sarah Weaver ‘89
Jason Weinberg ‘04
Robert Weirich ’72 and Karen Kushner
Aaron Welch ’02 and Stephanie Mackley
Liz Welch ’80 (in memory of Professor Dewey Ganzel)
Lauren Wenzel ‘84
Dilys Williams
Lynne Wilson ’93 and Andrew Myhrum
Professor David Young and Georgia Newman
Gabrielle Zadra ‘95
Darius Zelkha ’99 and Mila Currier
Gregory (’96) and Amy Zguta
Professor Grover Zinn and Mary Zinn